How to know if your business needs a mobile app.

Currently, with the millions of apps available for both Android and iOS users, it may seem like a good idea for all businesses to have an app of their own. Furthermore, a survey by TechCrunch revealed that consumers in the U.S spend about 5 hours a day on their mobile phones. 92% is spent in various apps leaving 8% for use by web browsers. App Development Warrington believes a good app can capitalize on this time spend on apps and make revenue from the users in the process. Unfortunately, research conducted by Localytics found out that about 23% of apps are only used once after they are downloaded then abandoned. So before you decide if building an app for your business is the best choice, there are a few questions which you need to answer before making up your mind and some of them include;

Is the business website mobile-friendly?

Most people online access various websites via mobile phones. If the user experience via mobile is not good they are likely to abandon the site for other competing brands offering alternative products within your niche. App Development Warrington advises business owners to first focus on making their website mobile-friendly before they turn their attention to the development of mobile apps.

Do other competing brands have apps?

According to App Development Warrington, it is always a good idea to examine how other competing brands are doing. If they already have an app which they use, you can look at the app statistics, some downloads and how it has been received by their customers from reviews and comments. If the app is doing ok and growing you may come up with a better app that has improved functions to give yourself a competitive edge over them.

Will the app solve specific customer problems?

The app should offer additional functionality or solve specific issues that customers initially faced. If there aren’t any unique benefits of the app from the mobile-friendly website, then it will struggle to gain popularity among your customers. App Development Warrington insists that you should always aim to tackle specific problems offering unique solutions to problems that existed before for the app to be accepted and preferred for use over the other means.

Does your business offer client loyalty programs?

if your business gives points for repeat purchases or offers various types of loyalty packages to your clients. Apps may make it easy to keep records and reward customers. App Development Warrington furthermore revealed that with app loyal customer can have their loyalty points displayed to them anytime they use their app unlike the use of loyalty cards.

Can the business develop an app that utilises the functionality of the phone?

Blue Whale Media, a giant in app development and other related fields discovered that could be integrated into using the phone functions i.e. camera, microphone, etc. were more popular compared to those which didn’t. They had an advantage over the business website a factor which App Development Warrington found out to increase user experience on the app and increase app popularity. Contact us here for specialised assistance in app development by reputable, experienced, professionals in the field