Types of businesses that need websites

If you’re looking for a way to expand your reach and find new customers, it’s time to start thinking seriously about a website for your small business. Always ensure you get the best for your business with the best web design in Manchester.

To those in the know, it sounds unbelievable, but there are still businesses without websites, some of the reasons include:

  • They’re local businesses that don’t need to market to a broader audience.
  • They think it will take too much time and effort away from other responsibilities.
  • They don’t see the internet as necessary to their success rate.
  • They believe that it is too costly.

Here’s where they’re wrong, at Blue Whale Media, we believe that the internet makes us do things better and faster. As a website design company, we’ve collected the business types that people don’t think need a website, but we think they do!

Small Businesses

Most businesses have a limited budget when starting a new endeavour. But you could be limiting your profit margin if you don’t showcase yourself online. Some companies believe they’re too small to matter online. There’s more chance of potential customers, searching online than driving around your neighbourhood looking for you:

  • 91% of people browse online when they require a product or a service.
  • When they research products before buying anything, 93% of them first get information online.

In addition, a website has become a way of vetting a business. People doubt existence or trustworthiness if they can’t find you online.

Legal Practitioners

As a lawyer, your services aren’t needed daily. Ideally, you want people to contact you when they’re in trouble, but they first need to trust you. When backed into a corner, consumers need to feel safe. You can showcase your skills, client feedback and qualifications on your website. Having a professional website design will go a long way in terms of showcasing your credibility.

Niche Businesses

Your website is even more critical if you have a unique business. You already have a limited number of clients, the internet and your website puts you in touch with people all over the world. People interested in niche objects are usually knowledgeable of the market. Consumers, even niche clients, are getting used to fast service: Fast food, online purchases and Googling for any information they need. If you can’t provide details fast, they’ll move to one of your competitors.

The Health Industry

It’s an exciting time for medical professionals to operate practices. If your passion is to support your community, a website can put you into contact with your entire neighbourhood.

When do people look for medical assistance the most? When there’s an emergency. Your future patients are likely to grab their Smartphones to find the best health expert around. Again, a professional website design will enhance your credibility as a medical professional.

The Food Industry

If people can’t find you on Google Maps, they will probably never visit your restaurant or taste your food. It’s not enough to be featured on tourism or restaurant blogs. If you don’t appear on a Google search list, people actually wonder if you still exist. Put yourself on the map, so more people can enjoy your cuisine. Here’s a tip: Go mobile as soon as you can, because people do restaurant searches on their Smartphones. Marketing is about giving your audience what they need and engaging with them. Can you afford not to launch a website with exceptionally eye-catching website design?

Electricians or Handymen

While review sites and listing services are an excellent way for in-home service providers to get discovered, they should lead the viewer to a site offering the service. Customers will feel much more comfortable if that person has a professional, informative website. Small business consumers report being less likely to work with a business if they have a bad impression of their website. This is why it is vital to have a good and professional website design in Manchester; it can also enhance your brand awareness.

Over the past few decades, people have adjusted how they gather information. If you are stuck in how it was done years ago, it’s time to change your thinking.