What businesses benefit most from websites in winter

Winter can be a strange time of year for business. For some people it’s the busiest time of year and for others it’s the slowest. So which do we find suffer and with surge. Over the seven years that Blue Whale Media has been trading we have found that the latter months of the years we mainly get enquires from the building and maintenance sector.

Why do we think this is the case? 

Well it has been a known fact for many years that schooling has a great deal to do with sectors busy and down periods. As most people are off in the summer with their children it’s prime time for them to sort out the house or get some home improvements done while they are away to avoid the mess of home refurbishments.

What other factors play a part?

Weather!!! That dreaded English weather that we all love to hate!  For some industries the season matters. Summer months are filled with BBQ’s and gatherings with friends meaning that the house has to be ready so building work has to be complete and is commissioned in spring. If you are getting your conservatories cleaned then this is mainly a spring/summer job also. Therefore if you are in those industries you should commission your website now to ensure it’s ready for spring.

Which jobs in the maintenance industry thrive in winter months?  

We find there are a few that do well in the latter months of the year. The main one being decorators. As we are all starting to think about our Christmas decorations and all those family visits that take place in December, we panic about the state of our homes. We find it’s a great period if you’re a decorator, so if you are you have about two weeks left to commission your website before it’s too late. Also cleaning companies seem to thrive, we don’t really know why but there could be a couple of factors at play. People are doing more Christmas prep or activities, so they don’t have the time to clean their homes, or that they want to ensure their home has been given a big clean in time to impress the family when they make their Christmas rounds. All in all they seem to find the latter months of the year a very profitable period.

What industries thrive in winter months?

Apart from the obvious, online shops, pretty much any industry that takes over a consumer need to be outside seems to do well. One of our favourites is Dog Walking. We all love our furry four legged friends, Blue Whale more than most (we have three office dogs) but the idea of taking them out in sub minus temperatures does not please us. We have a great dog walker, who is also one of our clients, Woggle Walks. She does exceptionally well in the winter months. 

What can you do to help, if you are experiencing a down time

Now we are a little bias here, but we would defiantly recommend getting your website created or updated in this period. It’s the perfect time to ensure that if someone is searching for your service then your website shows up and impresses them enough to pick up the phone. If you are struggling to get first page search engine positions then we also have some great deals on Pay Per Click adverts so call us now and see what we can do to help you stay ahead in the difficult months of the year.

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