Why Should Small Businesses Use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is something that you might have heard of but never thought that you could use it to help your business. However, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows businesses to see insights on the performance of your website and analyse what your visitors are doing on your site. Nowadays, the majority of businesses have an online presence which is predominately on a website. Therefore, it only makes sense to learn about your website in depth and whether it is actually working to the highest standards. Below are just a few reasons why small businesses can benefit from Google Analytics.

Low Cost

Being in a business, you will understand by now that not much comes free! You will be surprised however that Google Analytics is free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to use the features of this software which is great as you can focus your money on other resources such as Google Ads and your website. This is something that brings a lot of people to Google Analytics as you can look into the statistics of your website with no cost!

Gathering Data

One of the main things that Google Analytics is known for is the ability to collect data. All you need to set up your account is to copy a piece of code on your website and it will automatically start gathering data of your site’s performance. This can be a range of things including the number of visitors to your website, how long they stay on specific pages, what links they click on, the bounce rate and what platform they are using to view your site. Now you might think that all of this sounds great but a long of work. However, you don’t actually have to perform any action in order to retrieve the data other than setting up your account. Once you have done this, Google will start working for you which makes it 100 times easier to use.

Personalised Reports

Another feature that comes with Google Analytics is Custom Reports. This allows you to choose from a variety of report layouts that Google produces or even build them yourself from scratch. Within the reports, you can pick the metrics you want to see and decide how they should be displayed on your report. This can be useful to show to other colleagues to explain how the website is working and your ideas on how to fix this. The idea of being able to customise these reports means you can create specific ones that display specific metrics. Whether it be focused on different pages on your website or just a general overall report of the website.

Working with Tools & Platforms

Something else that can benefit small businesses with Google Analytics is the ability to work other software, tools and platforms. For example, it can be accessed on a desktop, smartphone and the app. This allows you to access Google Analytics wherever you are, even if you are away from the business. Looking at it another way is that is can collaborate with different software such as Google AdWords. These work together really well as you can see certain insights that will help you with the success of your AdWords campaigns.

How Blue Whale Media Can Help

In conclusion, Google Analytics can help a small business in many ways. It provides you with a behind-the-scenes look on your website performance and can assist you on what changes you need to make to increase the conversions. Even though there are other software programs that can offer analytics management, Google Analytics keeps its title as the most popular one and again is free to use. Where Blue Whale Media comes in, is helping you upgrade your website and work on things that can improve your Google Analytics scores. We can also help with your Google Ads campaigns as well which means your business can fully shine against your competitors. To find out more, call 01925 552050 or visit our website.

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