The different type of businesses that require SEO.

Businesses That Need SEO

Search engine optimisation is undoubtedly a necessary part of any business website. However, the fact is that some businesses require SEO more than others. In this blog, I will highlight the different types of businesses and how their requirements for search engine optimisation will differ to others.

Start-up Companies

A start-up company with a brand new website will have a high requirement for SEO

as they will have very low visibility in the search engines, if anything at all. A start-up business will need a SEO strategy to build up their website’s search visibility and trust within search engines – especially if their website is still within the ‘Google sandbox.’ These start-up companies will require a campaign directed for building trust and ensuring the website is SEO-friendly as opposed to actually trying to compete for their main keywords – the focus keywords at this stage will simply be the brand name. These companies are also most likely to have a small budget for marketing, which would be reflected in their limited investment and use for SEO marketing.

Competitive Businesses

A business within a competitive industry will require SEO to simply remain competitive and viable within the search results. Algorithms constantly change and businesses are always looking to gain the most traffic possible from search engines – companies that fail to invest in professional SEO will see their business slump in the search engines and receive limited traffic.

These businesses will have a campaign focused on building their brand authority within their industry and achieve higher rankings for important, competitive keywords which can drive traffic, leads and sales to the business.


Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and dentists tend to promote their brand and business from their own personal reputation – which puts them at a disadvantage for being found on the internet by people that don’t already know them. These people require SEO so they can compete in the search results for keywords people use to find the services that are being offered.

Local Businesses

Local businesses require a SEO campaign to target local customers. There are two main methods of localised SEO marketing: targeting keywords with placenames (such as “web design Liverpool”) by creating optimised landing pages, and targeting local keywords (such as “web designers near me”) by optimising the Google map packs. These type of campaigns allow for local businesses to optimise their websites for greater search visibility, whilst focusing on the customers that mean the most to them.