How Businesses Use Drone Footage

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) also called drones are devices usually controlled remotely from a pilot on the ground which can fly at various heights in the air for different reasons depending on the intent of use. UAVs have many critical applications. However, most of these devices are fitted with a camera and used to take quality aerial footage which could only be previously taken by employing a crane or helicopter. After conducting some research, SEO Warrington found out that the footage which these drones take are crucial in business applications in many ways such as;

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising of business products and services. The high-quality aerial footage taken by these drones can be used to capture large areas for purposes of advertisement especially in real estate when the agent needs to show many properties spread over a large surface area. Furthermore, SEO Warrington revealed that the drones themselves can be used as marketing tools in ways such as the flying of advertisement banners, distribution of fliers and other material directly to the people in areas where they are legally allowed to access.

Insurance Companies

The use of drones by insurance companies for inspections. Insurance companies usually partake an inspection and valuation process before settling on a figure for the insurance purpose. In building roof inspections, drones are flown above the building in consideration and the footage is used to assess the condition of the roof. Other areas such as skyscraper wall can also use drone footage and images to evaluate its integrity especially in areas where people cannot easily access.


Private security firm also uses drone footage to monitor homes of their clients if they have the permission do so. SEO Warrington believes these firms employ and analyze the drone footage in real time to capture incidences of intrusion and act or notify the local police depending on the weight the situation at hand. Drones footage can also be used to spot threats such as fires allowing them to come to the scene with the relevant equipment to effectively sort the situation out.


There is also the use of drone footage by engineering firms in maintenance and inspection routines of specific works. According to SEO Warrington Projects such as pipelines or long electricity transmission lines require a lot of input concerning travelling along them regularly to continually ensure their integrity is intact or when troubleshooting in the event of failure. Drones are the best alternative for this works reducing the constant need of travel and their associated costs. They can also be deployed to inspect and analyze these lines alongside other infrastructure projects such as roads pinpointing specific areas which need attention.


The media can use drone footage in their coverage. Initially, very few media houses could afford to shoot aerial footages because they demanded the use of a helicopter and the associated costs which made it a privilege only for the big media corporations. SEO Warrington however, is confident that the emergence of drones will make it easier for the local journalist to record good footage conveniently for their target audience.

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