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Can Drone Technology Help Boost UK Economy?

Technology has become very important in every part of the society. Many businesses have also adapted to the evolving society and make use of the latest innovations. For one, many corporations are using the internet for online transactions rather than the traditional brick and mortar shops.

One evidence of improving technologies is the existence of drones. Drones sales are increasing as time goes by, and more people are fascinated with this technology. Companies like the web design company Manchester are also embracing the idea of using this machine in the industry. Drones don’t only have a number of uses that can benefit individual companies; it also has the potential to improve a country’s economy.

A study shows that drones can add £42bn to the UK economy by 2030. Drone technology can likely boost GDP by 2 percent. Also, the use of drones can establish new jobs like research and development of drone industry.

Since the UK has been facing some challenges after the Brexit agreement, knowing that drones can help the country back to its feet is a relief. Government departments and authorities have started to find out how drones can help the economy.

How can Drones help the economy?

Drones have a number of basic uses. It can help detect bombs or are even used as a surveillance. When it comes to the economic sector, there are few ways for the drones to be useful in UK and companies like the web design company Manchester 

Data Gathering

Data is the new oil. Many companies similar to the web design company Manchester are gathering data from the people and other sources as a fuel to the industry. Data collected are used to see and solve the problems, and, in turn, help the economy. Undeniably, they can make use of drones to do the job.


Amazon makes use of drone for their Amazon Prime Air. Amazon Prime Air is a drone delivery system that allows the sending of packages in a few minutes time. And since these drones are battery-operated, they are more eco-friendly than the fueled trucks.

PwC reported that the Public Sector, Defense, Health and Education are growing by £11.4bn because of drones. Technology, media and telecoms are potentially increasing by 2.1 percent, and are expected to grow more by 2030.

What are the possible jobs drone technology can create?

With the development of drones, a number of job opportunities have been opened to people. PwC predicts that there will be 628,000 people who will be working in the drone sector 12 years from now. These jobs include establishing, creating, conducting and regulating drones. Here are few jobs that are predicted to be in demand by 2030.

Flying Drones

Many companies in the future will be looking for a person who knows how to operate and fly a drone. These people should hold a UAV certificate and know the rules for flying things. One will control the drone either for aerial photography or surveillance.

Building, developing and selling drones

Drone developer is another possible career a person can have. Just be sure to be knowledgeable in terms of aeronautical engineering, robotics, etc.


Drones are helping the UK in boosting their economy. The same goes for other countries. Right now, the government is examining all the possibilities of having drone technology improve every sector of a country – may it be security, medical, or business. Undoubtedly, drones have invaded the UK and other parts of the world in this century, and it has been an important assistant to many companies like the web design company Manchester.

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