Choosing the right colours for your business

Your colour is what defines you as a brand and effects what your consumers think of your brand as well. 85% of consumers believe colour is one of the main reasons to motivate them in choosing a certain product. Your brands’ visual appearance contributes massively when it comes to marketing. By choosing what colour to use for your company you need to think about how your company wants to be perceived by other people.

Which colours suite my business best

Big companies use certain colours to make people feel different ways and to give consumers the foundations of how they want to be presented. Here are a few companies that we have worked with that use certain colours to give their consumers the right first impression.


Vocla is a men’s luxury underwear retailer which use three main colours to show what their products are like. The use of the colour black shows the consumer that Vocla sells luxury products. The gold represents exclusiveness which works well with there brand because they are the biggest UK retailer on men’s luxury underwear. Another great example of this is Puure 

Bride. Puure is a company that sells bridal wear by wedding dress designers. The main colours they use are black, red and white. The impression that this company clearly shows is sophistication and by using the colour red shows that they are passionate as well. This is the perfect colour scheme when it comes to designing your website or building your brand.

Puure Bride

You really have to think about how you want to present your company but also think about how it represents your products or services as well. Look at these colours below and see if your company use them and see if they relate.

Colours and their meaning

Analyze your competition

 Take a look at what colours are used in your industry. This gives you a good idea of what tone of colours you could use for your company. For example, a consulting or a healthy eating company could use these colours because of how the colours express nature and healing. But by looking at what your competitors are using you could use similar colours to compete or use colours that make you stand out which would make your brand be more

Green Colours

Get some inspiration

To find what colours are best suited to your brand start gathering images from the internet or social media. This will give you a rough idea about what mood and emotions that your brand will present to your customers. Search what your company does, what products you sell and see what colours are used. Place on to a page so you can see all of your images and then choose your colours from there. A good platform to do this is Pinterest. I use Pinterest all the time when I am trying to get some inspiration but do what works best for you.

Time to test them out

After choosing colours that you think are going to portray your company best try them out. Post them on social media or change your branding on your website. See what your consumers think of your new branding to see if it works for them. Different colours can have different impacts on your consumers. Try using three colours. One used 60% throughout your brand, the second used 30% and the last colour used 10% in your branding. This is so your colours aren’t too overpowering.