Choose the right social media platform to market your business

Choosing The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business

Social media still remains one of the most popular marketing tools and can help any business achieve their online goals. Each platform is unique and can benefit companies in different ways. It’s important to choose the right one for your business as you want to be promoting your services on a platform that your target audience uses. To help you find the perfect match, our Social Media Marketing team has the best tips for you.

Look At Your Target Audience

The whole point of using social media is to successfully get your message across to your target audience. A good place to start when choosing a platform, is to look at what platforms your audience members are using. Look into the demographics and that should give you some insight on what is popular for specific genders and ages. Sometimes it can be tempting to use the trending platform but this might not necessarily work for the people who you are trying to target. For example, TikTok is a huge social media platform at the minute but if your target audience is over the age of 50, then it might not be the best one to use.

Research Your Competitors

Your competitors will always come in handy when carrying out any type of research. If you want to know what platform works best for businesses in your sector, head over to competitors social media accounts and see which ones they use the most. It’s also useful to see how often they are posting on each platform and most importantly what platform they get the most interactions on. All this information will help you make that final decision as if it works for another business then why can’t it work for yours?

The Type of Content

Another thing that can help you determine what platform to use is the type of content you produce. If you are mainly publishing videos then YouTube is your go to but if you focus on the visual aspects of your work then Instagram would be the perfect platform to use. On the other hand, the content you produce might be aimed at a specific demographic that involves business owners. In this case, you would opt for LinkedIn as it was built with that purpose in mind. If you are producing a mixture of content then you have platforms such as Facebook and Twitter too.

Your Current Digital Footprint

A good place to look for help is right on your doorstep. If you already have a digital footprint then that will give you a lot of hints in which direction to go in. Have a look at what social accounts are working the best for you at the minute and what platforms are getting the most interaction. This will help you determine what platforms to focus on if you want to narrow down your social media marketing campaign. Sometimes it’s better to focus on one platform, especially if you don’t have the facilities to run multiple campaigns at once.

The best social media marketing platform for your business

Getting Your Socials Started

Now you’ve seen our tips for choosing the best platform for your business, it’s time to start promoting your services on social media. Get started with the help of our Warrington Marketing experts by contacting them today!


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