Christmas Email Marketing Ideas for 2022

With the whirlwind of craziness that we call Christmas being out of the way, it is important to reflect on our digital marketing strategies and how we can improve for next time! Planning ahead of time is a great way to ensure you’re keeping your marketing stays on track. So why not start super early and take a read of some of our email marketing ideas for Christmas 2022…

Set your working hours

Creating an email graphic to share with your audience to let them know what office hours you will be working over Christmas is vital. This allows you to have some breathing room over the holidays and it gives your customers plenty of warning that you may not be active on certain days. As Christmas is a hectic time it’s easy to forget that some businesses are run by actual people. So this is a great way to create a gentle reminder to your customers that you are human too.

Specify Delivery Dates

People buy presents for a special day. Hence, it is crucial to have those orders delivered by this certain date. This is why it can be a good idea to specify to your customers about a cut off date for getting gifts in time for Christmas. Post offices and delivery teams are extremely busy this time of year which is why it is important to put those dates in place to avoid disappointment. You will be saving yourself a lot of time and effort by avoiding these customers complaining about their late delivery and asking where their items are.

Show your gratitude/Congratulate customers on Christmas

Tis’ the season for showing gratitude so why not give thanks and wish your customers a happy holiday season. You could even add your own personalised touch by adding in a video or image of your employees wishing others a Merry Christmas. After all, our businesses wouldn’t exist without the people who support us!

The gift of gift cards

Why not promote your business through the use of gift cards. Making marketing your gift cards a priority is a great way to create a flow of money whilst keeping your transactions strictly digital. There is no need for delivery costs or worries that your customers items might not come in time as it is an instant transaction. Gift Cards are still a very popular gift during the Christmas season as it gives people the opportunity to show their thoughtful side but it gives the receiver the freedom to pick their own items under a loose time constraint. Selling gift cards is a pretty old Christmas email marketing strategy and it is still quite popular.

Run a contest

Have you thought about creating an interactive email marketing campaign? Creating a competition is a great way to not only win the interest and engagement of our customers but will also make the winner very happy. Email marketing is a great way to promote hype around your contest campaign. Introduce a countdown reminder of when the competition will run out. This will create a gentle reminder and a sense of urgency within your campaign to get your audience more engaged.

Make a review of the year/share your plans for the next year

A time for reflection and planning so why not share your accomplishments with your audience. Remind your clients what you’ve been through together and where you see your business going for the following year. People love to see growth within a business so showcase yours!
With all these email marketing content ideas you’ll have tons of time to work on these ideas. It is important to remember that you need to set aside plenty of time for your Christmas marketing and it should be planned months in advance. This is to assure you don’t become overwhelmed by the festivities and keep your strategies under control.