Christmas marketing tips for your small business

The festive season is officially in high gear. This is the time of year where people are rushing to buy presents and prepare for one of the biggest events of the year. This year may be slightly different to what we would usually expect in terms of shopping for our presents. A lot of it will be done online instead of making a trip to the high street. This could be a great time for your business to take advantage of online shopping and advertising. Although, you only have a small window of time to send your message across and reach your potential customers. From decorating your website to offering special promotions and discounts, here are some great Christmas marketing ideas to expand your business in time for the holidays.

Make a Christmas video

During the festive period, many businesses use offers, promotions and giveaways on their products or services, going as low as they can just to increase sales volume. Instead of focusing on how to increase revenue at Christmas, think of a long-term solution by taking advantage of the holiday season. Using video to show your customers your appreciation has never been easier now most things are mobile and online. Videos are always such a good idea for your marketing campaign. Not only do they allow you to get creative, but they are also more likely to engage your customers than a regular image.

Decorate your website

Christmas decorations are not just made for high street shops and physical stores, but they are also vital on your social media channels and your website. Decorating your online stores is always a fun way to let your customers enjoy the festivities also. You could include some festive graphics with warm messages to welcome your customers, or add falling snow to your page. When it comes to your social media pages you could customise the Facebook and Instagram buttons to festive icons, or add a festive image to your logo.

Holiday offers/giveaways

Inline with your Christmas campaign, nothing is nicer than offering your customers festive giveaways or special offers. Giving away small gifts and offers won’t devalue your brand, it will show your customers how appreciative of them you are which will boost loyalty from previous and new customers. Ensure your gifts for your giveaway relates to your brand.

Christmas email marketing campaign

Christmas is always a good time to start up your email marketing campaigns, have a focused campaign to highlight specific products and offers and share important information relevant to the season, such as a ‘12 days of Christmas’ campaign. You might think this idea is slightly cliche, but it is thematically fitting and lends itself well to time-limited offers and the ability to create a sense of urgency.

Get creative with your email marketing subject lines

The subject line to any email marketing campaign should stand out against any other and encourage your recipients to open the email – you could say this is one of the most important features of email marketing.