Cloud Solutions Expert

Cloud Solutions Expert – 2021 Half-Year Review

In half a year, a lot of websites are designed, developed and brought to life, which is why it is essential to look back and appreciate the work we have done at Blue Whale Media. Sometimes it’s good to look back and get further inspiration for upcoming projects or learn more about the techniques used.

One project that has stood out to our website developer Kabir, was the Cloud Solutions Expert website project. 

What has the Blue Whale Media team created? 

The new website for Cloud Solutions Expert is vibrant and catches the eye of the user right from the loading page; the colours used match the services that they provide, such as Microsoft Office and Azure. This creates a sleek and cohesive element to the website as the colours match the brand’s logo, as well as the logos of the software systems. 

The content within the website pages has been fully constructed by our content writing team and is now more appealing, easier to read for customers and web users and provides the right message that the company wants to portray.

We created a custom menu that includes various animations to engage the user for both the desktop and mobile versions of the website. Our design team included unique buttons that have a stylish animation when the user hovers over them as well as animated tabs that display different information per section providing an easy-to-navigate method for users.

The importance of website animations 

You shouldn’t think of animations as an afterthought. Animations are what makes your website come alive and if they’re done properly, they can turn using your website into a delightful, magical experience. User experience is a major factor in how websites are designed, especially for creating conversions or getting people to contact your company. 

Animations can be especially useful if you have a lot of interactive elements on your website. You can animate a button when a user hovers their mouse over it to signal that this is clickable, or you can brighten the field a user is typing in in a form on your website.

Biggest Changes to the website

There have been many changes to Cloud Solution Expert’s website, one of the most noticeable addition is the unique buttons that showcase stylish animations, which improve the user experience and interaction. These changes allow the company to make its online presence strong and build on its brand identity. This helps the business keep customers engaged and therefore results in more website traffic and conversion rates are improved.

Our website development team are highly experienced in creating websites that have the user experience as a focal point. Therefore, they’d advise not adding any kind of animations that aren’t useful on your website. If they are just there because you want them to be, chances are they will have a bad effect on the experience of using your website.

If you have a website that needs creating or want to learn more about our website design and development services, contact Blue Whale Media today.