Colour Trends

Colour trends to look out for this year

Colour is very simple however very effective and powerful when it comes to graphic design. It can portray a wide range of emotions through first glance. Colour can help highlight certain aspects of an image or help distract the viewer away from others. Within design, colours have come and gone with popularity and every year we see ourselves finding new colour trends. The role colour plays from a design point of view is crucial and can easily underestimated. In this blog we will be looking at a few colours that could be on trend this year.

Malicious Magma

A bit like its name this colour is a fiery red which cant help but grab attention of the viewer. The richness of its hue makes it eye catching in its own right. It mostly resembles burning embers on the fireplace or the glow of a stunning sunset. This colour is great of immediately drawing attention to your brand and being easily recognised. A lot of people stay away from the colour red as they think is resembles danger too much which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Colour Hex – f43408

Malicious Magma Colour
Aqua Crystal Colour

Aqua Crystal

The colour is likely to resemble a luxurious feel with a bright hue which could be seen to look like the northern lights. This colour is a mix of cyan and turquoise which when combined make a stunning colour vibrance. This can be seen as a calming soft colour which could easily make people think of a calm and clear ocean. The colour is great for evoking a clean, modern and minimalistic brand. As it is a lighter colour it works great with darker blues and greys to make contrasting designs.

Colour Hex – 08f4cc

Radium Blue

Radium blue similar to aqua crystal creates and sophisticated and luxurious feel to it. This deep saturated navy could be seen to resemble a star lit sky or the cold waters of Antarctica. This colour is a great companion to vibrant hues which contrast well with it.  Colour such as the previous mentioned would be great examples. It is a versatile colour which applies richness and trustworthiness.

Colour Hex – 080866

Radium Blue Colour
Gecko Green Colour
Gecko Green

Another vibrant colour, Gecko green comes across as a friendly and playful colour which could be added to a brand to look creative and quirky. This could resemble a tropical forest and is could work great against another vibrant colour like itself or a dark contemporary colour.

Colour Hex – 4de017

What colours can do for your brand

Colour trends go of what the most popular colours are and what most business tend to use for the brand to attract and there audience. People take for granted how important colour can be for you and your business. You need to consider who your target audience is and how you want people to perceive you. It is also worth bearing in mind too pick colours that work well together as your designs and marketing aspects of your business will be a lot stronger.