Benefits of Company Q&A Videos

On Wednesday the 1st May, we decided to do our second filming of our Q&A’s to hopefully perfect them this time around. This blog will be about what we did to perfect and make the editing life easier for myself and I will also go through the benefits of having these done for your company.


One of the things that we are moving away from with the new branding is cartoonism, which I think was a problem with the old branding as there was no connection between the client and the designer, adding a face to the designer helps with communication and I believe that’s what Q&A’s are good for, they humanize the company and allow us to be seen as people and no robots, it also ensures to clients that no work is outsourced.

Another benefit of filming Q&A’s is it increases employee engagement, this is because some of the questions in there can give an ego boost for some of the office members, for example in the Q&A we did on Wednesday, we asked quick-fire questions such as best singer, funniest, bossiest etc. This well-designed session helped motivate the staff and give an insight into staff opinions.

What Did We Do Differently to Last Time?

Last time we filmed we didn’t give enough time to answer the questions we had as we had the best part of 20 people to film and 12pm-5pm to film it in. We also had way too many questions for people to prepare for and this led to short unusable answers. This time we gave people fewer questions and provided them with instructions that the answers must be at least 10 seconds long or the video looks stupid. We also had 9pm until 5pm to film in our location this time. As well as this, to make editing easier, the team Q&A’s have become quick-fire questions, this also adds some more entertainment.

What Equipment Did We Use This Time?

Last time we filmed our Q&A’s we had literally just acquired our microphone and now we are completely used to it and the same goes for the camera. This time however we brought a clapperboard to help with editing, this is because it is easier to see the last take it took to get it correct and it also helps to sync audio. We took 2 sets of lights to help remove shadows in the room.

The Room

This time around the room itself was very different, the sound was miles better as the air conditioning wasn’t on and it was on the top floor, so nobody was walking above us. However, the room itself wasn’t as visually aesthetic as the other one, we made it work though by stealing a plant from the hall and bringing props from the office.


From my point of view, the Q&A filming was a massive success compared to last time and I am looking forward to editing it as my life has been made 10x easier by our new tactics.

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