Blue Whale Media Conor's First Week

My first week at Blue Whale Media

My first week at Blue Whale Media has gone very fast but has been the busiest. I have been kept on my toes with a range of tasks ranging from web design and blog posts to training in Data protection and cybersecurity.

At the end of this week, I have been left wondering how the time has gone so fast and I am left more than ready to take the next week by storm.

Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like part of the team from the second I walked through the door.

So many logins!

As a Warrington web designer I work across a number of software and applications. The downside to this is there are a large number of logins and points to login which can be extremely time-consuming.

Even though the problems I had with missing passwords, everyone still stuck through and helped me to get myself completely set up and prepared for any work that could be given to me!

Work hard, play harder

From the moment I walked through the door the energy in the room was straight away a happy one. Across the room people were working hard on their tasks, talking to colleagues about their weekend and laughing together.

On top of this the team frequently has team building activities and charity related activities. I am most excited to join the team on their next charity walk and to bond with the team more than I already have.

You are not alone

The team has not fallen short once when I have asked for help. An important part of Blue Whale Media is the high level of teamwork and chemistry between all of the staff and they prove that through how they have worked with me.

Everyone is always conversing and helping each other so that all work comes out to a high standard every time.

Give, don’t take

A big impression that Blue Whale Media has given me is that the whole atmosphere is a giving one. This includes staff sharing with each other, the company supplying any training that you felt you needed and many other selfless things that the company and the staff themselves do for each other.

This giving attitude reflects in the way that our team works as everyone selflessly helps people when needed and genuinely wants the company and the individuals to progress and provide a constant high standard for all the week that we put out.

It’s a family, not a team

The main thing I took from my first week at Blue Whale Media is that everyone is more than team mates, the company is a tight-knit family that makes sure they look after each other. Due to this, I can happily say that my first week at Blue Whale Media has been exciting, fun, very busy and I am ecstatic to start my second week with this friendly neighbourhood media team.