Content marketing skills that’ll only get more important

Content marketing skills that’ll only get more important

Content marketing has become the most in-demand skill of the year and its influence just keeps on growing. According to a recent study, 50% of businesses plan to increase their content marketing spending budget by next year. Conquering skills within content marketing will enable you to reach larger audiences and forge relationships like never before. 

This is where content marketers come in; at Blue Whale Media, our content writers have an editors eye as well as a novelists heart, making them ideal content marketers and here’s why?


More likely than not, the role of s content marketer requires the creation of content that converts leads and drives more traffic. Copywriting for marketing purposes requires different skills than when writing for non-business purposes. Copywriting for a business requires a consistent commitment to writing in a brand’s unique voice. It’s critical to develop the ability to write in different styles depending on the needs of the business and the audience they target. 


Along similar lines, as copywriting, it’s vital to be a proficient editor to succeed as a content marketer. Good, clear writing can be powerful enough to persuade hesitant prospects to buy. On the flip side, error-prone writing could cause new visitors to abandon a website entirely. The ability to edit is the difference between mediocre writing and engaging, high-converting content. Editing is a mandatory step for clearing up content and making it sound as professional as possible. 

SEO Skills 

This skill is a tricky one to master, but it’s vital for ensuring that content is raking online and reaches the right audience when they need it the most. A content marketer’s role isn’t just to create high-quality content; it’s also to create content that converts readers, listeners or watchers into customers. Ultimately, SEO ensures the content you work hard to create is served to the right audiences at the right time. Without an SEO foundation, then, it will be different to succeed as a content marketer. 

Ruthless Research 

As a content marketer, it is essential to continuously seek ways to add value to your consumer’s lives. There’s no better way to add rich and valuable insights than conducting some well-thought-out, carefully planned and thorough research. Research is how you find those juicy links packed full of vital statistics that support your claims, back up your arguments and add further value to your reader’s lives.

Content marketing can be compelling and if done successfully, it can produce long-term results. It drives more traffic to your website, forges connections with these visitors and ultimately makes them enter into the sales process with ease. The main skill here is flexibility, which allows you to own and learn the goals of many companies, which is critical to succeeding as a content marketer.

If you’re looking for content marketing services, why not get in touch with Blue Whale Media? We have dedicated in-house content writers and a full marketing team skilled in every aspect of the role.