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At Treating Children with Cancer, we have been a registered charity since 2009; our main aim is to assist children and their families suffering from cancer and the various health problems it is associated with. We are based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire but operate throughout the UK to help children with cancer get the support they need.
Within our work, our team provide gifts, presents and entertainment to children and their families; we also provide teddy bears to motivate children with cancer. We help find accommodation for families near the hospital if the treatment is going on, and we also help with transport costs to and from the hospitals or specialist treatment centres. Our team can also support families with living costs and if necessary, we help with therapy sessions.
Within our charity, making dreams come true is a vital aspect of our work.

We work together and collaboratively with other charities that will help us find a cure faster and provide donations where it is needed. We have worked on welfare projects for Children’s Wards in previous years to support the Child Oncology room project in Luton and Dunstable University Hospital. Our team worked in partnership with CLIC Sargent last year towards our fantastic Social Workers across the UK. At Treating Children with Cancer, we have been a generous supporter of CLIC Sargent for many years towards social care professionals across the UK, providing more than 40 families with support tailored to their individual needs. We also collaborate with charities such as Theodora, Young Lives, The Christie Charity, Giggle Doctor and more; they focus on cancer research, mental health, treatments and accommodation of childhood cancer patients.

We regularly fund research into cancers that affect children and teenagers at The Christie Charity; the research projects cover many aspects of cancer in this age group. This can include genetic causes of childhood cancer, mechanisms of underlying drug resistance, novel therapeutic approaches to cancer treatment, and psychosocial effects of treatment. But, we are now at the stage where we wish to further expand research into pediatric and teenage specific cancers.

Our Mission
Our main goal is to improve the treatment for children with cancer, both long and short term enabling them to lead better lives while reducing the burden of care on loved ones during the treatment period. At Treating Children with Cancer, we have a mission to make a positive difference for children diagnosed with cancer; we aim to support the entire family during their child’s cancer journey, from diagnosis through treatment and everything in between.
Each young person should receive the most dedicated emotional and therapeutic support helping them and their families to cope better with the impact that cancer has had on their lives. We endeavour to keep fighting the cause relying on your valuable contributions and donations so that we may be able to end Childhood Cancer through your support one day.

Our Values
Everyday life stops when a journey into the unknown begins, which is why we help children with cancer and their families to see a way forward with welcoming help and support. At Treating Children With Cancer, our values are threefold:

● To promote and protect the physical and mental health of children who have cancer.

● To promote and protect the mental health of the families of children suffering from cancer.

● To relieve sickness by assisting research into the nature, causes, diagnosis and prevention of cancer.

With kindness, understanding, sensitivity and empathy, we see that every child with cancer receives the utmost care and respect. With more research, we can explore new avenues of treatment or support, which is why the projects, challenges and events we schedule will help to create the most impact in the field.

Our Achievements
At Treating Children with Cancer, our achievements are what keep us driving forward to provide support and protect the physical as well as mental health of children who have cancer. Those who have supported us via donations or events can be confident that the money they raise is used effectively; here is the list of achievements you have helped us accomplish:

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Donate Today
We welcome donations of any size, as every donation can make a difference for a child with cancer. By donating, you can help us support families who are experiencing the effects of childhood cancer; there are more ways to get involved, so why not get involved with our upcoming challenges or events?
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Our Fundraising
Our annual report details the projects and events we have scheduled and shows our performance as an organisation as well as how your contributions are spent. This can be in many ways, from donations to children and other charities, to funding research for advanced treatments for childhood cancer.
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Our Research
Through our fundraising events, challenges and projects, we can fund more research which helps us deepen our understanding of the causes and behaviours of childhood cancer. We collaborate our research efforts with specialists at the Institute for Immunology and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
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