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Hannah Paskin Therapy

Phone and Online Clinic

Therapy Sessions Online
Online therapy sessions are a flexible way to seek help, you can choose a day and time each week to have a session that suits you and your lifestyle. Technology allows for therapeutic quality to be added to online therapy sessions, which are now as good as face-to-face sessions. If you are unable to travel to my clinic, an online therapy session opens up access to the help you may need. At Hannah Paskin Therapy, I can accommodate online sessions throughout the day if you cannot make it to my clinic due to lifestyle, work or childcare commitments.

Extra Flexibility
There is an increasing rise in interest in online and telephone therapy. For many people, their day to day lives means that they are comfortable and familiar with video calls, telephone calls, and messaging platforms. I have been delivering remote therapy for as long as I have been working in therapy and there are many benefits of accessing therapy this way:

● You can access therapy from the comfort of your own home
● Many describe it as easier to share their feelings and secrets this way than in person
● It can fit more flexibly around your work or childcare commitments
● You can access the best therapist for you regardless of your Geography

Working with an Online Therapist
At Hannah Paskin Therapy, my online sessions allow you to access mental health support wherever and whenever you need it. Online and telephone therapy is easy and confidential, it’s also convenient for those looking for help who cannot travel or do not have the time in their day. You just need a phone or internet connection and some privacy, online therapy sessions offer the same as an in-person session. Some people also find it more comfortable and are able to relax when speaking from their own surroundings. Results also show that face-to-face therapy is just as effective, meaning you are guaranteed the same quality of service regardless of how you access it.