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MTA Sports Group

Welcome to MTA Sports Group!

The trusted source for athletes and their clubs for professional full match footage, highlights and player marketing.

It’s time to be seen.
Competitive athletes need video. No video, no chance! MTA Sports Group records your games from the perfect angle in high definition. We host professional video events and media days to provide the solution to athletes who don’t have access to high-quality game footage.

Promote yourself through our athlete marketing platform.
Once you have all the tools to market yourself correctly, it’s time to create opportunities and progress in your career. Use the platform to create your professional profile and be seen by various scouts, coaches and agents from around the world.

Looking to add to your team?
No more half-completed profiles with no video footage. All profiles on the MTA athlete marketing platform are 100% guaranteed to be completely giving you all the information and footage you need to make an accurate evaluation of a player.

We are your mentors.

● We provide the platform for athletes to market themselves correctly to scouts, coaches and agents from around the world.
● We put the needs of our clients first, finding them a solution based on their skills and talents.
● We pride ourselves on our athlete consultancy services, providing guidance for their careers and future within sport.
● Our team are all qualified football scouts, who are part of a large scouting network that covers the entire United Kingdom.
● We are branching out into management and agent opportunities with a wealth of knowledge within the UK football leagues.
● With an exceptional knowledge of the game, at MTA Sports Group, our team has been responsible for unearthing and working with the best talent from ages 15-18 and guiding them to into the professional world of sport.

Contact Us
If you are interested in becoming a part of our sporting network, book on to one of our events today and Start Your Journey with MTA Sports Group! Feel free to contact us if you need more information, email us via [email protected].