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Trafalgar Foods

Great British Sauce Company

At Trafalgar Foods, we look to forge strong relationships with local distributors who have a good range of products we can supply to our customers. Our services are designed to build a stronger and more innovative business for the companies we partner with. One of the current suppliers we work with is the Great British Sauce Company.

The Great British Sauce Company is passionate about creating delicious, properly made sauces and condiments, packed with flavour, using the best ingredients they can find.

In the Great British Sauce Company kitchen, the team is inspired to create products that celebrate British cosmopolitan culture and they promise to always make them here in Britain.

The Co-Founder of the Great British Sauce Company, Andrew says his inspiration started 20 years ago when he discovered a new enthusiasm for modern British cooking. British food was literally being reinvented, Indian and Asian restaurants were going upmarket and Pubs were going gastro and as a nation, we began to think about food differently.

The team at the Great British Sauce Company are driven by the same ambition to create properly made sauces and condiments that reflect modern British flavours. All their sauces are made here in Britain with passion and care, each bottle tasting as good as the original homemade version.

Today the Great British Sauce Company is proud to offer an amazing range of British sauces. A brand new take on the classic Ketchup, of course, ‘too good to be called ketchup’, their Proper Tomato Sauce, is delicately seasoned and bursting with fresh tomato, an ideal addition to the gourmet burger.

We continuously strive to deliver our best, if you would like more information please get in touch with Trafalgar foods today!

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