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We are dedicated to providing a Nationwide Service. We are an established and highly experienced civil engineering and groundworks business based in Stockport within the North West of England.
Our highly skilled workforce provides outstanding quality and customer service for all of our clients. We work in partnership with a wide range of these clients to deliver projects within time successfully and budget constraints.

At VUS Ltd, our team can assist in all stages of a project from planning, implementation, servicing and completion to both the public and private sectors. Safety and innovation are at the core of our values, with a ‘can-do’ attitude and personal attention to client needs.

Specialists in Civil Engineering
VUS Ltd is an expert in civil engineering, particularly Cable Installation, Infrastructure and Substation Maintenance. With a combination of our in-house capabilities and experienced engineers, we are continuing to expand the range of complex projects we are delivering.

We have extensive experience in the planning and installation of a full range of utility services; with the flexibility of our operational departments, we are able to react quickly to any client-specific requirements or projects.

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Our comprehensive cable installation services include high and low voltage cabling, BT fibre and pilot cable installation. IT and technology continually evolve, so it’s vital to ensure that your data cables have been designed and installed with flexibility and growth in mind.

We offer a comprehensive range of cable jointing services, specialising in low and medium-voltage cable jointing and terminations applicable to a cross-section of industries. From a small day project to a project requiring metres of cable to be installed, we guarantee high professional standards are achieved.

Utility Infrastructure contracting includes a full range of services, including excavation, pipe and duct installation, back-filling and permanent reinstatement. We specialise in preparing deliverable installation plans designed to keep development projects on track and on budget.

At VUS Ltd, our team is experienced in working on extensions and refurbishments, often in a ‘live’ environment where operations continue throughout the construction process. We can also provide you with comprehensive advice on the current rules and regulations governing the industry.

We can provide experienced substation maintenance services that provide professional high quality and safety-conscious service. It is a legal requirement to safeguard the high voltage networks which are to be serviced and maintained to a satisfactory standard.

At VUS Ltd, we offer clients a single-source solution, managed on-site to our exact standards, undertaking substation maintenance and civil engineering works. Regular maintenance of a substation will help to prevent equipment failure that can result in loss of power supply to your facility.

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Our team is dedicated to removing the stresses and taking care of all your specific requirements. If you have any questions about the services we provide at VUS Ltd, please do not hesitate to contact us.