How Content Syndication Affects SEO

Lack of enough content on their website and failure to reach many people are some of the challenges that face website owners hence not attaining their goals. We know very well that SEO is an excellent strategy for driving website traffic, but you should not depend on it wholly to acquire new audiences. SEO Warrington can help your traffic generation as we promote the number of visitors to your site. Content syndication can be another SEO strategy that can help you boost your existing content assets as well as reaching many people.

What is content syndication?

Content syndication is a way of republishing your existing content on other people’s websites to reach more audiences. Search Engine Journal says that content syndication involves publishing content in its entirety, editing and shortening of articles, or even excerpts of an essay. Parties involved in content syndication benefits such that the syndicating website acquires fresh content and the person behind the content gains a new audience.

However, content syndication could not be an excellent strategy for you to acquire referral traffic. In case the syndicating website has greater domain than yours, then the most likely outcome is that it will outrank your original content. SEO Warrington can offer the best advice on content syndication and guidelines on how to go about it.

How content syndication impacts SEO

Google says that more than 30% of the content is duplicate, but they do not penalize unless it is done with malicious intentions. Google explained, “Content duplication on a site is not ground for action unless the intent to duplicate the content is too deceptive and interfere with the search engine outcomes.”

It is essential to ensure the syndicating site include a link back to your original content. SEO Warrington can create outstanding relationships for you, which will enable users to link directly to your site. Search Engine Journal says, “The penalties of content duplication are always exaggerated, content syndication is not a perfect SEO strategy since one website can outrank the other.” The best way for content syndication success is when the author permits others to use their content and the site grants suitable attribution to the author and the source.

Best practices of content syndication

Since you are now aware of content syndication and its impacts on SEO, here are perfect practices in case you want to use this strategy:

Never give other websites all the credit

As stated above, one of the biggest challenges in content syndication is that one website will rank higher than the other, and all credit of your work goes to it. To come up with a solution to this problem, SEO Warrington suggests you agree with the website, which you want to give your article that involves the addition of a rel=canonical tag that points the source of the syndicating content. It is also possible to incorporate a noindex tag to prevent the syndicating content from being indexed.

Find the right publishing partner

The most appropriate step if you are an author and searching for a vast audience is to find the right publisher for your content. SEO Warrington can offer you the best blog posts, which will have an extensive audience reach. What you need to do is to ensure you have a definite pitch that you require a syndicating partnership. Never lose focus on your expectations. In case your brand is new, start from somewhere, and eventually build your way up the ranks.

Syndicate content on multiple platforms

Publishing your content on other websites is not all about content syndication. Below are some of the outlets for complete content distribution strategy:

LinkedIn is one of the publishing platforms where you can share your expertise and reach a more broad audience. LinkedIn’s guideline says that they can annotate and distribute widely the content you share with them. The great thing about LinkedIn is that it cannot outrank your website, and it shows up on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Medium is another online publishing platform. Its founder is Evans Williams, who was the Chairman and CEO of Twitter. Medium main work is collecting content and sending personalized recommendations to its subscribers based on the previous content they have read. Medium utilizes a WordPress plugin that enables you to post your article into your Medium profile automatically.

Quora is another platform for sharing your blog. It is the most famous online site for questions and answers. For your succession in content syndicating, ensure you search for relevant topics concerning your content and make sure you answer questions using excerpts in your article and, of course, with a link to your website.

Reddit is also a publishing site. It is among the diverse networks on the internet, and it has different forum groups where people with the same interests share and discuss ideas. The difference between Quora and Reddit is that Quora has more restrictions, while Reddit focuses on community and content.

Business2Community is another online publishing site. It is an online community that shares a wide range of content from news articles, emerging trends in social media, public relations, content marketing, as well as digital marketing. Its primary focus is to have a balance of the business industry, the trends, and life experiences.

It is, therefore, necessary to do a thorough research of all the platforms before choosing the most convenient for you and the one that gives you the best return for your investment. Some options will work best for other persons or brands.

Pitch perfect

The largest content syndication sites are always congested as they receive millions of requests, so ensure you send the best blog for you to stand out. SEO Warrington can help you come up with unique content that will rank at the top. Make sure you read the guidelines of the site you want to syndicate content and create a pitch that excellently matches the site.


Content syndication can be an essential way of promoting content for the websites that need content to publish and for the brands that require to expand their reach. The author needs to have a proper tagging on the material to direct Google to the original version. By doing so, you won’t have unfavorable impacts.

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