Copywriting vs Content Writing- Why Is It Important To Have Both?

Copywriting vs Content Writing- Why Is It Important To Have Both?

A huge part of a successful campaign and project is to have well-written text that your audience can relate to. Whether you are giving value or trying to make a sales conversion having a professional writer aboard your team is vital. Now I know what you’re thinking, do I hire a copywriter or a content writer? In this blog, we will be going through the different responsibilities of each to help you make an informed decision!

What on Earth is the difference?

I mean, recognising that there is a difference between the two is an accomplishment in itself! You have already conquered half the battle… A long story short: A copywriter sells, while a content writer informs. Being able to provide value to your projects is where your content writer will come in. Longer and more in-depth writing is how a content writer will conduct their work, whereas a copywriter will stick to short and snappy forms of writing. 

Copywriting, let’s talk specifics…

Copywriting is a specific form of marketing that is typically used across print and digital media. This can range anywhere from slogans and taglines to writing social media posts. Copywriters aim to persuade their audience and convert them into customers. Whilst content writers and copywriting both require a strategy to ensure optimal results, the strategies for both can look very different. Copywriters are typically looking for more instant results with their projects and being able to adapt them promptly. 

Content Writers

Content writers are here to give us value and reputation. They work with a more long-term strategy working closely with SEO experts in Manchester. Although copywriters must have a good understanding of SEO, content writers will need extensive knowledge of SEO and how they can incorporate it into their work. You’ll find that content writers may be responsible for more of your blogs, newsletter, articles and other content that can provide value and reputation to your company. 

Why do you need both?

There are some crossovers in terms of platforms and projects however, the specialities of each position is vastly different. As you can see content marketing is extremely important to enhance the performance of your business. For effective and successful marketing you need to be able to not only draw in your potential customers and create sales but also provide value and quality to maintain customer retention and a loyal audience base. 

There comes a time to convince, persuade, and convert people. But, it’s definitely not all the time. Allocate time to delivering value with no strings attached and don’t forget to thank your local marketing content writers for their service!

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