Corporate Colour Palette

#3385c6 Colour


#4279a3 Colour


#d0e1f9 Colour


#7f929e Colour


#1f2f3c Colour


What is a colour palette?

A colour palette is a range of colours that are combined to create a specific theme and tone which can be used in a variety of different ways to represent your company through branding. A colour palette can be anything you want it to be but usually it follows a certain pattern where the colours involved complement each other in some way. A colour palette can be used for logos, branding, leaflets, business cards, websites, social media and sets the tone of your business. 

When choosing a colour palette there is a-lot to think about as it has to work across every form of marketing that you are planning. There is no point having a colour scheme that only works on certain marketing materials. So when you are choosing your colour palette it is good to test it on different types of graphics to ensure it portrays the look you are trying to achieve for your business. 

Corporate Colour Palette

What this colour palette represents

This specific colour palette is less vibrant but more based on professionalism. The blue tones showcase a smart and clean atmosphere with the colour blue reminding people of wisdom and intelligence. Even though blue is predominately used, the colours work together to bounce off each other creating a sleek and simple affect. None of the colours contrast with each other harshly and they can work with each other as a whole or on an individual basis.

What industry the colour palette works for

As this colour brings a sleek and sophisticated design, it is definitely suited to more professional and traditional industries such as solicitors, accountants, lawyers and business. The cool tones represent the serious and professional atmosphere that this sector would portray. Bright colours such as pink, yellow and orange wouldn’t necessarily work due to the stereotype of these companies. Companies who would use this colour palette on their website would focus on the information they want to give rather than funky imagery.  

This allows them to ensure the information they show isn’t distracted from by the imagery of the website. It also allows them to use muted imagery which will represent a calm steady environment which these industries create. 

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