Costly mistakes businesses make on LinkedIn

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is preferred by 41% of all B2B marketers as the number one social media platform and the truth of the matter is that it generates up to 80% of all leads. Since there’s a lot of positive impact of LinkedIn on marketing for B2Bs such as LinkedIn Marketing Warrington, it is essential to know how to optimize its use to prevent common blunders. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste time and money in creating a LinkedIn strategy only not to meet your expectations. Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid.

Dormancy/inactive profile

It would be counterproductive if you created a LinkedIn profile and not being active. The internet has made it possible for social media networks such as LinkedIn to be proper channels where brands interact with customers and other stakeholders. If you fail to have a vibrant LinkedIn profile, you will be losing a lot. You need to be consistent in updating and publishing relevant content and that which will bring in more valuable connections.

Lack of personalised connections

You may be sending lots of connections to other LinkedIn followers when expanding your network, however, this may not yield much if you don’t personalize your content or messages. You can explain to your customers why they should connect with you. When inviting companies, you can zero in on what they have to offer.


By having many connections on LinkedIn, it is not a guarantee that your messages are worth their attention since they could be going to their spam folders. However, with the right strategy such as LinkedIn Marketing Warrington and with valuable connections, you can be sure your LinkedIn strategy will yield positive relationships.

Ignoring LinkedIn Reviews

Consumers are increasing their engagement by taking advantage of the rating of businesses in social media in regards to the quality of products, brand and services. Since most people are spending lots of their time on social media, negative reviews are bad for business and can harm your brand. It can be detrimental to your marketing efforts and could lead to fewer sales.

Lack of employee engagement

Did you know that employee can be advocates of your brand? Well, before you even engage with the outside world, ensure employees are aware of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Most employees share a lot on social media, and some of the things may be related to their job or even employers. By not engaging them, you could be missing out on this useful resource.

Lack of proper posting strategy

LinkedIn is an essential platform for B2B marketing strategy and LinkedIn Marketing Warrington uses it for promoting its services. Lack of an effective posting strategy could be detrimental to your strategy. To ensure a successful engagement with your audience, you can share relevant content.

Over-promoting your brand

LinkedIn is a useful tool in promoting your brand, product or service. However, too much of anything can be poisonous. It is essential to focus on your brand and research on what consumers want. You can promote that which is appealing to your audience and while sharing is useful, do not overdo it.

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