Drone Footage Warrington tips to help you create better videos with your drone

Drones are relatively simple to figure out mechanically. After minimal training most people can operate a drone but it takes skill and experience to create stunning videos filled with cinematic footage. At Blue Whale Media, our Drone Footage Warrington team have a wealth of experience and knowledge surrounding drones and can spot the perfect shot in the making. We have compiled a list of the top tips and tricks to help you get the most effective footage from your drone.

Our Drone Footage Warrington team recommend that you practice!

To get the very best from your equipment, our Drone Footage Warrington team recommend that you practice at every opportunity that you can. Learning to effectively use your drone and control it is the only way to capture the best possible footage. With time and patience, your skills will develop and you can create stunning videography and photography.

Drone Footage Warrington recommend that you learn the settings of your drone

During a shoot, it is important to keep to your schedule. For your or your client’s sake, it is vital that you learn your drones particular settings. By doing this, you are ensuring that your time spent on location at the shoot is spent efficiently. If you understand the features and settings of your drone like our Drone Footage Warrington team, you will become a better pilot.

Find your style like Drone Footage Warrington

When you have become more proficient in flying your drone and understand the complex settings, you can begin to create your personal style. After all, a drone pilot is an artist. Using your drone to create beautiful footage that showcases your fantastic surroundings is an art, and at Blue Whale Media our Drone Footage Warrington team have worked for years to develop their skills.

By understanding your drone you can use the settings to create unique and interesting shots. Orbits, tracking and way point are all great settings to use to create those sweeping and iconic drone shots.

Take the time to find a new point of interest

At Blue Whale Media, we encourage our Drone Footage Warrington team to be creative and find new and interesting objects to shoot. If you have taken the time to understand your drones settings, you can use it in unconventional ways to develop new shots. Use your creative eye on location and think about what would look good from your drones point of view. Through experience, practice and understanding your equipment, you will find that you will easily spot points of interest on location. A new angle on old footage can be the difference between mediocrity and success.


At Blue Whale Media, our Drone Footage Warrington team have extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge that will help them get the very best from our drones. If you require any additional information or would like to see what our drone service can offer you, you can find all the information at the following link: