How to create great website content

When you’ve spent so many long hours coding and building your website, you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle and fill it with terrible, non-relatable content. Your website content should be readable, findable and original. Great content is a crucial part of your websites overall success. Great content boosts web traffic and shares. Below are a few simple tips on how to boost the quality of your web content.

Structure is crucial

Firstly, you want your content to be well organised. You can’t build a house on shoddy foundations, so if your content structure isn’t up to scratch, everything else that you pile on top will cause your webpage to crumble. Grammar is a fundamental part of this, as well as great, easily readable content. You should work from a simple framework; Introduction, body and conclusion.

Every subject should have its own paragraph. Try to limit your paragraphs to 5-7 sentences each. If you follow this, you will stay concise and on topic. It is important to organise your written web page content to be as visually appealing as possible. By sectioning your work, you’re presenting manageable chunks of information that your audience can digest.

Style and Substance

Stylistically, it’s advisable to stick to short, clear sentences. Too many compound and complex sentences will turn your audience away. No one wants to filter through pages of content to find one small snippet of information. You can also use transition words to help to lead your audience through your content. People generally scan paragraphs for the key points, so by using transition words and keeping your content brief, you will increase readability and audience satisfaction.

Additionally, your website content should have a clear message. You should be sure about the message that you want your audience to take away from your website. Try to limit the amount of jargon and over-complicated language that you use, as too much can make your text too cluttered and hard to navigate. By keeping your language simple and straightforward, you will connect with your audience and increase your chance of recurring visits and shares.

Successful SEO Strategies

Finally, and perhaps the most crucial part of great content, is having a successful SEO strategy. For Google and your target audience to find you, you need to implement the right keywords and phrases. Ideal keyword saturation is 2% of your overall body of work. Using your chosen keywords in your headings, subheadings and topic sentences will boost your site traffic. Creating great, engageable content will also lower your bounce rates and therefore increase your Google rankings.


In conclusion, producing great website content will earn you more trust from your audience and overall prestige for your company. Well written content is a crucial part of the image you present to your online audience. By keeping it concise and well structured, you will decrease your bounce rates and increase your return user and social media sharing potential.

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