Creative routines that will enhance your content

Burnout will always lead to lacklustre content. Creativity comes naturally to most people, but as a content creator, you can’t rely on instinct alone. To enhance and evolve your creative process, you must nurture your natural creativity with routines. Repetition is the key to success, so if you take the time to create a productive routine, you will find that your standard of work will improve. Below, we have listed a few small, easy changes that you could make to your daily routine that will help your creativity flourish.

Get up and go

As necessary as it is sometimes to shackle yourself to the desk and force yourself to get going, it is also important to take time away from the screen from time to time. Your eyes can grow weary, and your brain can start to wander.

We’re not built to sit behind a desk for eight hours a day, 5 days a week. It’s important that you get up and get the blood pumping at least once every hour. Get up and make a drink or stretch your legs with a short walk outside. Changing your scenery and getting some fresh air is great for creativity. Your brain can’t fully concentrate for more than an hour at a time, so take a break and move your body.

Break tasks down into more manageable chunks

A huge, overbearing task can put you off even starting. Diving in head first to a big project can have its setbacks. Even with a clear plan for your project, a larger task can end up taking its toll on your creativity and cause you to produce very lacklustre content.

Instead, when you’re making your plan up, take the time to create specific and short term goals for yourself. Aim to have a certain section or word count finished by the end of each day and you’ll find that your workload will feel less imposing.

Music can help

This perhaps goes without saying, but listening to music when you’re creating new content can give you that creative push that you need. More often than not, the music that you’re listening to can indirectly affect what you’re writing. Create a playlist that is especially for writing and includes motivational or relaxing music to help your creative flow.

Fuel your creativity

What you put in effects what you put out. If you eat too many sugary snacks and drinks, they may give you that initial boost, but they’ll cause you to have a sugar crash not too long after. Try to fill your diet with fresh foods, and limit the amount of sugar and heavy, greasy foods. Easier said than done, we know. But if you try to incorporate decent foods into your daily routine, you’ll find that your content is much easier to create.

Also, try to schedule your breaks and lunchtimes to be a similar time every day. Your body and mind will begin to associate certain times with breaks, so you’ll find that in general, you’re no longer distracted by cravings.


So, in conclusion, routine is not the enemy. In fact, it’s a great tool to utilize to consistently create engaging content.

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