What We've Been Up To This Month? Customer Projects

What We’ve Been Up To This Month? Customer Projects

Since coming back to the office, our team has been working hard on several customer projects. This is critical for customer marketing to succeed with little cross-collaboration between account management, product and customer support.

At Blue Whale Media, we are continually working on customer projects, from marketing to email marketing to website design to content writing.

Here’s what we have been up to this month in regards to customer projects:

New Customer videos

Our team at Blue Whale Media have been created new videos for one of our customers to showcase their services on Facebook. Video allows you to be concise and capture viewers’ interest in the first few seconds, which is essential when it comes to social media.

We upload videos to social media for user engagement, they like it because it’s easy to digest and entertaining, but it can give a potentially huge return on investment.

New Customer Blogs

Blogging is an essential part of marketing, and our content team at Blue Whale Media has also been creating blogs for customers’ websites and social platforms. A blog allows you to create relevant content for consumers and customers. It’s a marketing tactic that can drive traffic back to your website, especially when it features on all of your social media platforms. Our content team will write blogs on a range of topics and at the moment, our customer blog projects are very varied, enabling our team to have a higher skill set.

Email content for Customers

At Blue Whale Media, we focus a lot on email marketing and offer our customers this service. Email marketing is vital for building relationships with prospects, leads and current customers. Our team works hard to ensure that the email campaigns we create are effective and bespoke and connect with your target audience.


On the surface, the goal of SEO optimisation is to improve your site’s rankings in search results. We ensure all the content we write is optimised for SEO, to ensure it works effectively and ranks the website high up in web searches.

For our customers, we are finding their specific keywords and phrases that help their website rank higher. We initially look at the content they already have and either enhance it or rewrite it with SEO optimisation in mind.

Customer Care

Customer care is essential because it can help you to increase customer loyalty and how often a customer buys from you. Customer care is an extension of our marketing at Blue Whale Media because no one wants to deal with a company that will give you lousy service.

We ensure customer care with every customer we take on from start to finish, to generate positive word-of-mouth about our business.

Every month there is something different going on in terms of customer projects; we get such a wide variety that each day holds something new. You can head to our website portfolio page to see what website design projects our team has been working on in the past month.