Cyber Monday Marketing 2018

Cyber Monday is fast approaching and if you run any service or product based business then you should be starting to get ready for the big day.

For any of you that don’t know what Cyber Monday is here is a little backstory.

It’s a tradition which has been migrated over from America. The last week of November is when most Americans celebrate Thanks Giving. In essence, this is the same as our Christmas. Like with our Christmas they have a sale the weekend after. This is Black Friday. Now so not to be left out all the American online retailers decided to get in on the action and introduced Cyber Monday which is the Monday following Black Friday.

Why has the UK adopted this event?

To be honest it was introduced to the UK by the online retailer Amazon. As most of you will know Amazon is a US based company who. Now operate across the globe and are one of the biggest UK online retailers. They operate a system where there is a new deal added to the cyber Monday sale every 10 minutes from 26th November until 2nd December.

This is great for UK shoppers who are trying to get those must-buy items ready for Christmas Day.

But what makes this event good for retailers

It’s a great way for online shops to get there Christmas season started. Whilst most shoppers start earlier these days a lot will leave it until the Cyber Monday sales or even later to complete their shopping. So instead of online retailers facing all the pressure of last-minute shopping, this can be a great way of tempting them in earlier.

You could also use it as a way of selling off any last-minute Autumn stock before you launch your Christmas stock. It stops you having to have a sale and Christmas stock purchases to manage all at once.

What is Blue Whale Media doing for Cyber Monday?

Despite the fact that Blue Whale Media’s products are all time-based services, we have some great offers planned. We have deals on websites, content, PPC and videography.

We will be publishing these offers on a variety of platforms with specific offers launching on each of the social media platforms or via our newsletters. So, make sure you are signed up and following the platforms.

What does Blue Whale Media have planned for its clients?

The marketing & graphics teams have been working hard to develop some great stuff for some of our eCommerce clients. We have bespoke sliders, product price changes. We also have bespoke email marketing and social media marketing planned to make the most of the event and website traffic that surrounds it.

In conclusion

Every retailer should be taking advantage of this sales event and should make the most of the pre-Christmas sales. It’s a great way of celebrating early and will help engage potential customers in your Christmas products or promotion. If you need any help preparing for Cyber Monday then give us a call on 01925 552050.

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