Who are DJI?

Da-Jiang Innovations also known as DJI are a Chinese technology company. DJI are one of the biggest if not the biggest drone manufacturers in the world. Founded back in 2006, DJI saw a gap in the market and something they could take charge in by creating stunning and technically sound products. They also manufacture cameras, camera gimbals and flight control systems.

Why are DJI market leaders?

DJI’s Product innovation is second to none in their field of work. Constantly thinking of news ways in which they can innovate their products for consumer consumption. DJI are very much a company that has great customer brand loyalty. From everything to their marketing techniques and how their products look and feel customers can’t help but invest. Their clean and slick brand attracts new customers in every day. In 2017 DJI won a technology and engineering emmy award for its drone and camera technology. They were recognised for their creativity, innovation and direction of drone and camera technology. They have been involved in some of the biggest TV shows on the planet.

DJI Drones

DJI are known for creating some of the most famous and innovative drones in the world. Their most famous drone will be the phantom drone. It is by far the most recognisable drone in the world. Other drones consist of the mavic, inspire, Matrice, spark and MG1S. All these drones are made to fit different industries in the world. Some are made for consumer purposes and more suitable for people with a general passion for drones and are made for personal use. Professional drones are used for more commercial work. Enterprise drones are used to replace human labour. For example, some drones can be used for agricultural care.

Inspire 2

Here at Blue Whale Media we have the DJI Inspire 2. The inspire 2 in a professional drone mainly used for stunning fil making. We thought for our new drone service we needed something that would really propel are work to create stunning work for our clients. The Inspire 2 is truly a work of art which looks good and also delivers a high level finish.

Why We Chose DJI

After research we found that DJI were clearly market leaders and that doesn’t get achieved for no reason. After seeing their products and what they could do we knew that we would have to invest in DJI. As I have already mentioned DJI’s marketing techniques are second to none. Their creative and stunning marketing is another reason why we chose them.

Will I Use DJI In The Future?

The answer is YES. I know that the future will only get better for DJI. They are always ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and I know that the best is yet to come. It already is mind-blowing seeing what products they are creating and the news of what will be created in the future. It is easy to see that DJI have a passion for creating the best to make a lasting impression on their customers.

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