Dacha – 2021 Half-Year Review

Designing a website takes time and precision; the designer has to decipher what the company or brand are looking for and how they want their online presence to look. 

At Blue Whale Media, we get a fair amount of brands and companies with ark logos that suit a darker themed website or dark colour schemes. We have recently been working with Dacha, a local company who wanted to enhance their online presence and have their website redesigned. Head of Graphic design, Lewis designed the website for Dacha, including the darker colour scheme and bold elements; here’s the half-year review: 

What We Did

Our website design team has created a new website for Dacha that showcases them to be a trusted and established company. We used a vibrant orange colour scheme throughout the website in certain sections, as well as incorporating dark shades of grey, which should keep the user engaged. We included a fancy footer that utilises SVG’s to show a clean and crisp curved line as a separator for the footer section of the website page. One of the main aims of this design was to ensure we create a well-spaced-out website and re-wrote the content within the website to give it a more professional look whilst showcasing their services. Current and potential clients can now easily find information about the company and the services offered in certain sectors. This is one of the most important things when redesigning a website, especially when showcasing services. 

Dark Themed Websites 

In such a digital world, the best web designers have to consider who is the average visitor of the website and look for a way to satisfy their possible preferences. This helps them to establish how to tailor a company’s website to the visitor’s social level and even the age group. When should you use a dark background? 

  • There are a few situations in which your website’s generic background should be darker:
  • The brand’s colour scheme is darker, and so has to be the website
  • The brand works with a more minimalistic look
  • The context of the website encourages using darker colours
  • Reducing eye strain on analytics pages that must be used for hours
  • Transmitting a message through colour psychology
  • Creating a dramatic look for the website
  • Creating a sense of luxury for the website

Biggest Changes To The Website 

The new website for Dacha UK is the perfect solution for the company to make itself a strong brand presence online. We have made many changes to the site, but the most noticeable changes have been; the use of captivating custom-made animations for the homepage header and throughout the site. We also used custom hover-animations that show full-screen images when each individual section is hovered over, which creates engagement and more interaction from the users. These new features should hopefully result in more successful leads for the company, earning them more business. 

At Blue Whale Media, vibrant and bold website designs are something we specialise in; why not get in touch with us today?