The day in the life of head of admin

The day in the life of head of admin

As head of admin most of you already know who I am but to introduce myself I am Danielle and I am head of admin at Blue Whale Media. I am going to take you behind the scenes of my role.

How to get a day off to a good start

My day usually starts off with dropping my two girls off at nursery and school before heading

my way for a day at the office. Once arriving at the office I start off with a warm cup of tea or coffee and greet other team members. Once settled in and my computer is loaded I start off with going through and replying to all emails that have been sent from the night before, once up to date I have a look at that days schedule and start work.

Keeping clients happy

Keeping clients happy is a big party of my role at Blue Whale Media. When clients sign up with us I will be the first person to contact them regarding everything a client needs to supply. Whilst some clients find it easier than others to supply their information there will be a few that struggle this is where my role in keeping the clients happy will come in as I will be there to explain what they need to do and make sure they understand and are comfortable with everything they have to do. I will be there for any clients that call in and need to go over anything. Keeping our clients happy is one of our main priority’s at Blue Whale we want everyone to have an enjoyable time whilst working with us.

General Tasks

My main tasks being head of admin is to send any information forms out to new clients for them to complete to start the information gathering process. I conduct a build review twice a week letting all clients know what is outstanding from them. Once I am happy we have all information from a client I will pass this over to the design build queue. Any emails or calls that are for me I respond to and try and help as much as possible. Once all admin tasks are completed I complete a blog based on different topics this is one blog once a week. In the week I also order a food shop for the office ordering all essentials that the office needs as well as ensuring that the office fire emergency signs are still working fine.

Staying organised

The key to working in admin is to ensure you are organised especially with dealing with many client projects. Having a schedule really helps keeps you on track, you know what is expected to be completed that day and if there is anything that hasn’t managed to be completed in the day you can re schedule to ensure that the task gets completed another time. When handling many clients having check lists with each client names on will keep you up to date on who you have to review and email this is really helpful as it can be updated whenever information is received.

Days at Blue Whale Media are never the same and no client is the same this is what keeps my role exciting and interesting.