Melissa Content Writer

A day in the life of a content writer at Blue Whale Media

Lucky you, you get to follow my schedule for a day! Welcome to my day in my life; a mixture of writing, research and terrible Spotify playlists. I’ll take you through a typical day as a content writer at Blue Whale Media and hopefully you’ll learn something new and maybe have a laugh at my expense.

Mornings are a little bit manic

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love my sleep, so getting up in the morning can be painful. But, I’m a firm believer in up and out, so it usually takes me 25 minutes to get dressed, grab my bag, say goodbye to my husband (and most importantly my cats) and jump in the car. I like to leave a little earlier than necessary to beat the traffic around Birchwood and arrive in the office for 8am.

With a strong caffeinated drink in hand, I sign in, check my schedule and take a quick glance at what I’m writing during the day. With my extra time before 9am, I like to set up my notepad for research and planning and create the optimum environment for writing. This usually includes playing a Spotify playlist of my terrible music taste (think cheesy school disco mixed with music your dad listens to).

Client work and research

If I’m working on a client’s content throughout the day, I will take a look at the content sheets and anything that the customer has sent in as a guide to creating their pages. Each client is unique and requires a different kind of approach. Some prefer short and snappy content that keeps things light while others prefer detail rich content that is crammed with statistics and research. If necessary and if the client would like to speak with me, I arrange a phone call just to have a quick chat and get a better understanding of who they are and what their business needs.

Writing for such a diverse collection of clients requires extensive research and a detailed understanding of the subject. Since working at Blue Whale Media I have learnt about computer science, mechanics and plumbing. In addition to helping me create detailed and specific content for our clients, my research has also helped me in my own life; I’m formidable at a pub quiz now!

Blue Whale Blogs and content

If I’m not writing content for clients, I work on Blue Whale Blogs or website content. This usually consists of writing blogs that incorporate the keywords that are researched by Jamie and creating content to fill our new website. Blue Whale content is a great way to express some of my own personality and keep up to date with new industry updates and developments.

Everything else

Although my days predominantly consist of writing and research there are a few deviations from the norm. I can spend time helping marketing with different ideas and photoshoots, checking over other written content within the company or from clients and helping colleagues with any content queries. I can also spend my time making cups of tea or ironing backdrops for photoshoots; I was given this job because I have a hidden talent with a steam iron apparently. No crease will escape me and my Russell Hobbs!


I hope my daily routine didn’t bore you too much! Generally, my days can be varied but are consistent and creative. Working as a content writer allows me to continually learn about new subjects and develop my skills as a writer. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about how the content team runs at Blue Whale Media. If so, look out for more Day in the Life blogs coming from my colleagues.