My Day in the Life Blog – Jamie

I’m Jamie, the SEO & PPC executive here at Blue Whale Media and this is my ‘Day in the Life’ blog. I can’t promise fun, but I can promise accuracy!

The Night Before

When I start any day in work, the first thing I do is analyse what has happened the previous night and early morning. As you can guess with my job title, this usually involves checking on important metrics such as keyword positions for SEO, and clicks, conversions etc for PPC. I make any small changes that may need to be made for the best performance. I keep an eye on these things throughout the day – watching numbers and charts all day, very fun stuff indeed.

Client Websites

Whenever a website goes live, I login and begin to optimise the website with on-page SEO. This includes all the basic things such as ensuring all the images have a useful Alt tag, optimised meta descriptions and title tags etc. All the basic things which means Search Engines begin to like the website, but obviously not a full-blown SEO campaign involving guest posts, articles and link building – we save that for the customers who actually pay for the SEO service.

Watching Search Updates

I have to make sure I am completely up to date with the latest ongoings with Google and other search engines when they make a major change to their algorithm which may impact the rankings for our keywords or our clients. This generally includes crawling various blogs and forums for the latest news and changes with other webmasters, industry-specific SEO changes, any announcements from Google and Google Search Liason etc. The whole “Bill Lambert” fiasco is a pretty entertaining thing I like to keep my eye on as well when I’m doing this.


Previously, blogs used to be a big part of my work. I used to regularly upload, optimise and create graphics for all the blogs uploaded to the Blue Whale Media website and our clients. Now the only blogs I touch are the ones written by our staff – sometimes I even write one myself, like this! These days it’s mostly Josh who handles the blogs going onto the Blue Whale website.

Social Media

Another thing that used to be a big concern for my job is writing statuses for social media. I used to write statuses for Blue Whale Media and around 3 or 4 clients. Currently, I write social media statuses for only two clients which I review and complete on a weekly basis whereas statuses for our own company has, once again, been passed over to Josh who’s much more accustomed to marketing on social media than I am.


So that’s really pretty much it without delving into specifics of how I do things (after all this isn’t a course for digital marketing – if you want SEO for your website feel free to pay us for the service!) Sometimes I dabble in a tiny bit of coding, just the standard HTML, CSS and JS. At times I might come across something small that’s broken on a client website and I’ll fix it myself or I’ll add a bit of markup coding to our webpages to improve our visibility on search results, such as the star ratings from our Google MyBusiness reviews. But overall I just like to watch charts and grind numbers.

That’s all from me anyhow, keep a look out for more Day in the Life blogs from our other staff members!

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