Decorating Your Desk Is Great for Your Productivity

Decorating your desk could seem like a waste of time to some but adding some personal touches can be extremely beneficial to your overall productivity.
It’s been scientifically proven that decorating your desk at work can actually boost your creativity!

As well as being aesthetically pleasing to any who may wander past your desk, it also provides many physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Productivity Boost

Rather than being stuck at a desk that’s basic and plain, a bright and open work area is perfect for your productivity. We spend a majority of our time sat at our desks at work, so making sure that it’s pleasing and welcoming to your own taste can do wonders for your overall outlook on your work and the time you spend sat at your desk.

Sometimes being stuck sat at a desk all day can become tedious and even takes a toll on you physically. Having little small distractions to give you that extra boost is brilliant for your work ethic, as it gives you more inspiration to keep working your absolute hardest.

Creativity Inspiration

Your imagination can be stumped when your surroundings are less than inspirational. Having that quote next to your desk can be that extra boost you need when it feels like your creative juices aren’t quite flowing.

It can also benefit your focus, having an inspirational and comforting surrounding while working hard. Focused people are more likely to have a creative boost, straying from conventional ideas and thinking outside the box.

Beneficial to Your Mental Health

Having a happy demeanour at work is detrimental to the outlook you will have on your time spent there. You’ll be at your office a large chunk of the week compared to being at home where you feel most comfortable, so making sure that you feel just as calm and emotionally comfortable at work is important.

Decorating your office space will make you feel at home and therefore calmer about being there. Perfect for when you’re having a bit of a stress about something that’s not been done – you can just look over at your personally decorated space and feel at home, instantly making you feel calm and collected.

Show Off Your Individuality

Showing off your own individuality makes any workspace look colourful and feel creative. It’s also a great conversation starter between you and your colleagues!
Decorating an office space that’s functional yet pleasing to the eye also creates a calm and easy-going environment for you and anyone who happens to pass your desk.

Individuality is robbed from you when you’re in school, where you’re forced to adhere to ridiculous uniform rules and how you should act and what supplies you should buy. In the real world, your creativity and individuality are celebrated, and this is something you should definitely take advantage of!

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