Tips To Design A Good Website

Tips to design a good website

There are several styles of creating a website: it can be minimalistic or stylish and modern. While your website should represent your business identity and personal style, there are some rules that you can always stick to.

To have a great web design means to have great functionality and excellent user experience. Below are some web designing tips that can help you create an effective website.

A clutter-free and minimalistic homepage

Your visitors should be able to understand the core message of your website immediately as they visit your site. After all, people seldom read every single line on a site. Most often, we quickly look for keywords and images or phrases. 

The fewer visitors have to view, read, and remember, the more they will be able to evaluate and understand your content. 

Visual hierarchy is important.

One important principle while designing a website that aids in the clear display of your content is the hierarchy. By using hierarchy correctly, you can draw your visitors’ attention to elements that are of priority. 

Using the correct website layout will direct your visitors in the right direction. For example, you can position an important CTA link at the page’s centre.

You can also highlight your logo or business name by enlarging their font size. Readers usually drift towards large fonts first.

Create content that is easy to read

The readability of your content determines how easily people can read it. When you have high readability, readers will go through your content and take in information effortlessly.

You can try these tips to achieve readability:

  • Contrast: The amount of contrast between the colour of your text and background is essential. While you may want to use colours that represent your business, ensure that contrast is sufficient.
  • Large text size: Many people have a hard time reading texts in smaller fonts. Typically, it is ideal for keeping your text at 16pt. But bear in mind that it entirely depends on the font style you use. Also, don’t use too many fonts throughout your website as it causes a distraction when it comes to brand identity.

Easy navigation

When you have a good web design, your visitors will be able to easily find what they are searching for. Adding to that, a website with great navigation improves user experience in a great way. 

Have your business logo linked to your homepage; it will save some clicks for your visitors, and they will expect it from your site. Also, build a menu that the users can find easily, whether it is a hamburger menu or a horizontal list. 

Be mobile-friendly

Your website should be mobile-friendly so that every visitor gets to enjoy it regardless of the device they are using to browse it. Take a look at the mobile version of your website from a user’s perspective and test every button, page, and user action. Some mobile features are also available for you to use to enhance your web design.