Differences Between WordPress and Wix

Apart from WordPress, there are other website building software’s which are available for use in the market. It is therefore advisable for users to conduct some research and eventually settle for the platform that is best suited to deliver on their specific needs. This research is essential because the fact that a platform is popular doesn’t guarantee it will work for you. Some of these competing platforms include programs such as Wix, Magento, etc. According to Web Design Warrington, Wix has grown significantly over the past few years because it is a fully hosted platform and is also relatively very easy to use. This article concentrates on the differences between the WordPress and Wix platform as outlined below;

Platform Costs

The money which a new website owner is going to invest is always a significant factor which affects the choice which they would pick. Web Design Warrington has confirmed that Wix has up to seven plans which vary in prices increasing with a corresponding increase in features. The free Wix platform plan has running advertisement at the top and bottom of the website. WordPress, on the other hand, the platform is free however there are various associated costs such as buying of your hosting, themes, and plugins if they are from an independent developer and the purchasing of a domain name.

eCommerce Application

This involves the comparison of which of the platforms is the best when it comes to setting up online stores. The Wix platform has an inbuilt ecommerce feature so the user will sign into the ecommerce plans. WordPress doesn’t have an inbuilt ecommerce feature and depend on plugins such as WooCommerce for the setting up of these online stores.

Plugins and Apps

WordPress is open source, and therefore, its code can be accessed and manipulated by programmers for various purposes. Web Design Warrington believes this is the reason why the platform has been widely adopted for use and has many plugins and themes because a lot of individuals are allowed to do their work on it. the Wix code is closed to the general public, and therefore only their development personnel can build such tools and are always integrated on the platform eliminating the installation processes.

Website Customisation And Design

When it comes to website customization Web Design Warrington is confident that there are limitless opportunities as far as the WordPress platform is concerned. There are over 55000 plugins and themes to choose from which the website owners can use to build the site to his/her liking. Wix has templates which have examples giving the user an idea of what the final site will look like. The platform, however, does not have as many choices in comparison to those of WordPress.

Ease Of Use

WordPress requires some getting used to for navigating the system effectively; however, is the most preferred choice for its flexibility. Wix, on the other hand, was designed to make it very easy to use without any need of having coding knowledge or using the help of a professional developer.

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