Why digital marketing outweighs non-digital marketing techniques

When it comes to digital marketing, a lot of people are either fully involved, just dipping their toe in or have no connection to it at all. There is a great comparison when it comes to digital and non-digital marketing techniques. From an overview, digital marketing creates a level playing field as it gets adverts in front of people who are interested in the service/product instead of just anyone and everyone.


The cost will always come into play when marketing is considered with both digital and non-digital. A great advantage that digital marketing has is the cost side. Overall costs are reduced due to the fact that you can spend your own budget and come up with your own costs of how much you want to spend on digital marketing. An example of this is Facebook paid campaigns. With this specific feature, you can decide on a daily budget and also how long you want to run the campaign. When you compare this to non-digital marketing techniques such as TV adverts and radio adverts, they cost a lot more than digital marketing techniques as they usually come at a fixed price due to popular channels being in high demand.


If you’re going to be spending money on any type of marketing, you always want to have the best exposure possible. The exposure can be greater when it comes to digital marketing techniques due to the fact that you can choose who you want to target. Bringing this back to the Facebook campaigns, within the paid adverts you can decide on your audience including gender, age, interests and locations. This means that the exposure would be better than non-digital marketing as you can target people who specifically want to see your services instead of just anyone who might not necessarily be your target audience. This can be found a lot in non-digital marketing techniques.


When it comes to the engagement aspect, digital marketing allows users to like, share and comment on certain marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. On the other hand, non-digital marketing techniques don’t allow for any engagement as the only engagement you would see is someone phoning your company up but you don’t always know that they saw your marketing campaign. Overall the engagement factor is a lot higher with digital marketing due to the sense of community that is created.


Probably the biggest benefit when it comes to digital marketing is the process of monitoring campaigns. Monitoring can be instant, easily accessible, straightforward and more detailed. An example of this is Google Analytics. A lot of companies use this specific software to monitor a variety of campaigns and it can be done instantly by logging in. It is also easy to follow as it breaks down different areas and has a layout which is easy to understand. Alternatively, with non-digital marketing techniques, it is quite difficult to monitor the success instantly and effectively to create a full report.

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