DJI Latest Technology

There is yet another DJI event in the vicinity. However, no one knows precisely what the event is about. However, it is a bit easy to make educated guesses such as a collaboration with Web Design Warrington. Again, no one really knows. But, that does not change the fact that whatever it is, it is something big and something that will be worth the wait. It could mean a new future for designers like Warrington Web Design.

What should you be sure of concerning the event? One is that there is an event titled “Because life is big” on 28th November. The venue will be Good Morning America Studios based in New York City. The other thing is that an announcement will be made in the said event and Dji are as excited about it as you are!

What should you anticipate?

With tech-related companies like Web Design Warrington, you can almost accurately guess what will be going down. It has to be an update being rolled out. In this case, you can expect the DJI Phantom 5 series. Why might the fuss be about this waited upon technology? The company might want to usher you into the festive season with a new technology that will make you stand out in your festivities. The DJI Phantom 5 series is expected to possess better camera resolution: probably better than Hasselblad and Mavic 2 Pro. Web Design Warrington and other designers and stakeholders would be in a better position to tell just how powerful the resolutions are. You can imagine the power that the improved version will come with.

Well, it is a speculation, but you can imagine what the new features would look like. Plenty of stakeholders are bound to benefit from the new era of features that offer a significant improvement on the lenses. With this drone, a web designer should enjoy considerable improvement on the quality of videos made.

What makes this an educated guess?

Parties like Web Design Warrington who probably have put DJI drones to use over the recent past can be able to support the speculations. Studying previous Dji revisions, you can make worthy predictions. More so, DJI Phantom 4 is almost being cleared.

Well, it does not have to be a new product line. It might also be an improvement on an existing version: which Web Design Warrington and other stakeholders would still appreciate. Word has it that it might be an updated for DJI Osmo. Why Osmo? There has been a photo leak of a device that has been reported to be DJI Osmo pocket.


Again, remember that no one is yet to find out what will indeed be going down. There are only a few ways to find out what the announcement is about. Wait for news updates or show up at Good Morning America Studios. While there is no sure guess, it would be best to wait upon the D-day with not any fewer expectations: “Because life is big.”

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