Do people still read blogs in 2021?

Do People Still Read Blogs?

If you’re wondering if people still read blogs and want the short answer for it, then it is a big fat YES! People still actively read blogs. And more than that, blogging is very much alive. In fact, the number of bloggers and readers reported this year is more than ever! Keeping this in mind, people will most probably continue reading blogs for the next several years too.

Do People Read Blogs Even Today?

As per the latest blogging statistics, surprisingly, 77% of Internet users reported reading blog posts on a regular basis. The numbers are only expected to increase. Despite the growing number of readers, a change can be seen in the way people are now reading blogs and consuming information. On average, a reader spends only about 37 seconds reading a post today. Instead of reading the blog post from start to finish, all they do is scan for the particular solution or answer they’re looking for.

Considering the data and statistics collected from various sources, it is pretty clear that people do read blogs even today. However, due to the change in reading manner, it has become vital for you to create scannable bite-size yet informational content for your readers. This way, they can easily get what they came looking for in the first place without wasting anyone’s time.

Is Blogging Dead In 2021?

Blogging is not at all dead in 2021. In fact, as we said before, it is very much alive with more readers and bloggers than ever! But of course, we won’t leave you at this statement alone. Let’s dig a little deeper and examine if blogging is actually alive in 2021. Once you’ve read till the end, we are confident you’ll agree with us that blogging (since its birth) has had a rich history, and it still has immense potential in the future.

Why Do People Still Read Blogs Today?

Blogging officially began in the year 1993. Since then, the reason why people read blogs has gradually changed with the advancement of technology and the internet. However, at the end of the day, the ultimate reason why people have been reading blogs and why they still read blogs today is that they are looking for answers and solutions for the questions and problems they might have. Today, there are more than 31.7 million boggers in the United States alone.

Best Practices For Designing A Blog People Will Read

With more than four billion people using the internet today, the competition to grab their attention and lure them into your blog can be fierce. But the key to doing that is by providing content in the way (or format) that readers want.

Here are some essential basic tips that you should always keep in mind while trying to write a blog post. Besides, make sure to follow these best practices while designing a blog:

  • Pick fonts that are easily readable
  • Your blog post should be scannable
  • Encourage engagement
  • Organize your layout
  • Your layout should relate to your readers
  • Use high-quality images
  • Brand your layout
  • Remember the fine line between cluttered and creative
  • Include compelling call-to-action elements in your article
  • Make sure to consider page load time

The Bottom Line

So, do people still read blogs? Yes, they do! But the truth is that you still need to put in a lot of effort to make sure that your blog post is valuable enough for your readers. Additionally, it should also have a design that’s user-friendly so that your readers have a smooth experience.