The do's and don'ts for selecting a new WordPress theme

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting a WordPress Theme

WordPress has over 10,000+ themes in its library for all users to access. With such generosity from WordPress’s end, it can get a little confusing for the users to choose. As a web design agency in Liverpool specialising in WordPress, we have a lot of experience when it comes to picking the right theme for your website.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at the do’s and don’ts for selecting your new WordPress theme.

Do – Making a List of Features

You should always determine the features that you need and the ones you will be okay without, prior to picking a theme. Users can always use the “Feature Filter” of WordPress for customising their search regarding free themes, all based on the specific features that you want. For instance, it could be about the ability to be ready with the transition and enabling the flexible header. You should prioritise having the design in your mind prior to making a choice.

Do – Select a Responsive Theme

A responsive theme equals a site being perfectly adaptable in all types of devices. All the widgets and menus should have easy navigation here. We would recommend you to go for features such as flexible pictures and fluid site grids, which have no problem in translating to the non-desktop type of devices. Plus, you can always customise the theme to your liking.

Do – Remembering Colour

Majority of the online marketing businesses focus on their visuals. So, it’s important for you to prioritise colours here. For instance, you can use colours that match or compliments your logo. Here, if you wish to stick with neutrals, then you make it interesting by sticking with some hint of colours here and there.

WordPress definitely makes it easier when it comes to altering the appearance. We would advise you to go for lighter colours instead of darker ones. The audience prefers lighter colours, according to statistics and the darker ones tend to decrease readability.

Do – Purchase a Premium Theme

Free themes are a blessing, but they can come with certain drawbacks. The coding might not be good, and the updates may not be regular too. The author of the theme might even abandon it, and there is an absence of support too. But the premium themes offer more features compared to the free ones. Plus, most of these premium themes come with a 1-time payment instead of a recurring one.

Do – Test Themes

Before you go all the way in with your theme, it’s always important to test it. We would suggest the plugin called “Theme Check.” It will assess if your preferred theme is keeping up with the current standards of WordPress. After you upload your content and are done with the tweaks, you should always review it for yourself before you publish it for the world to see. Your pictures should load with ease from mobile phones too.

Don’t – Pick a Bloated Theme

You should never go for a theme that is cluttered with tons of features. A theme rich in features is always nice but the performance of the site does get affected in the long run. Refrain from installing every single feature. We would advise you to avoid adding fancy gaming capabilities and music players.

Don’t – Pick a Theme Featuring Fonts with Difficult Readability

The key is to always pick fonts that are simple, readable, and sophisticated. Fonts play an important part in capturing the attention of all visitors. If your site has hard to read fonts, then the visitors will immediately abandon your website and go somewhere else.