Drone Bill May Ban Children from Owning Larger Aircraft

The most recent proposals drafted by the Department of Transport are meant to counteract snooping which causes fear and cases of near-collisions emanating from impact with manned aircraft. If the Drone Bill goes on successfully, then children will be banned from possessing, buying or owning a drone of more than 250g overall weight. According to website design Manchester, the proposal adds that an age limit should be put in place, thus making 18 years a must requirement. If you research through websites developed by the cutting-edge technology by website design Manchester it is found most of the operational insurance policies recognize persons of majority age. Well, for one can only obtain an airline pilot license when at 21 years since helicopters and airplanes prove more complex as compared to drones. However, a person aged below 18 years will be granted permissions to operate the drone’s flight control buttons only when under close supervision by an older individual.

Will this proposal be approved and be part of the drone Bill? The matter is being debated and requires adequate time for review by relevant authorities, need for also public participation. The updates available on blogs made by website design Manchester currently speculate this proposal is undergoing a thorough consultative process, once complete the Drone Bill is due to be published this year.

Do Drones pose any Crash Threats?

As of 30th July, the UK government signed legislation whereby drones are banned from flying heights above 122 meters above the ground, keep a radius distance of 1km from surrounding airport boundaries. The consequences of any pilot flouting these set rules are severe; they are bound to be in the hot soup, accompanied with hefty fines and risking a jail term of up to 5 years. Website design Manchester cited that aircraft incidences have increasingly risen at an astonishing rate and the main contributor are drones with the year 2017 reporting a 35% increase. Do you know a drone that weighs about 400g can smash the windscreen of a helicopter thus impairing pilot’s vision?

What are the new Measures by the Drone Bill?

There is a plan suggested for debate on how to make sure safety tests are conducted on devices that weigh over 250g and undergo mandatory registration with the Civil Authority respectively. The Aviation Minister then, who was Baroness put across how there was a need to overcome unwanted drone disturbances at public events, prisons; this should be done by exploring new technologies to protect national infrastructure.
On the other hand, it can be argued that children are the future of the drone world; hence if given access to drones they get to familiarize themselves early with this game-changing technology.
Again there is an urgent need for the government of the day to promote and support safe use of drones through zoning areas where drones can be flown safely and share this information on websites such as website design Manchester despite the difficulty resulting from space restrictions and demographics of a city.

Happy to say is that DJI, one of the world’s top-selling drone manufacture indeed supports strict measures for a few people who knowingly misuse the drone technology.

Bottom Line

It is sure how the drone industry is growing day by day thus boosting economic growth, it is advisable you let the young explore this fantastic technology.

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