Reasons why drone filming is a must for your next video project.

Drones, the world is now full of them. However, before the hype and news stories (good and bad), drones, as we know them, were created to record aerial video.

With drones becoming safe, reliable and able to shoot awesome 4K resolution videos, they are now widely used in the video production industry.

Aerial photography and video are certainly nothing new, as aerial shots are now being used during sports broadcasts and live streaming events.

Here’s why drone filming is something you need to use in your next video:

Magical aerial view

Aerial footage gives your audience a view of your world, one that they would never usually get. Showing off the size of your premises, the beautiful surroundings you work in is very engaging for your audience and makes your business real. It’s cinematic, exciting and can give even the most boring of buildings or objects a wow factor.

Gets to places others can’t

A drone can travel up to 120 metres high and 500 metres away, think about what your business will look like from 400 feet in the air?

Drones are versatile too. They can sweep in and around as well as above buildings, through archways, over water, trees or terrain not easily accessible by foot. If space allows, you can even film indoors. The aerial video gives your video footage a view that you’d never normally be able to get.

Filming with drones allows for fluid motion

There’s nothing worse than a shaky video. By using drones, you can capture fluid movements because of a gimbal: a stabilizing device that keeps the camera horizontal no matter the motion used to capture video. With drones capturing such fluid movements, it is becoming more common in many corporate and business videos. As you can see in many videos, drones allow us to capture stunning video in varied angles, full HD quality and fluid motion.

Location spotting

Looking for the perfect place to host an event? Flying your drone over a building can give you a better sense of what it looks like, you’ll get an aerial view of the space, and even capture hard-to-see areas for better mapping and planning. You can then also use those drone shots to organise the event with an in-depth look at where everything is in the space.

It’s not just video footage.

How about high-resolution photography instead? Drones don’t just film in glorious 4K video; they can simultaneously capture RAW format photography mid-air. So, if you have no need for video but would love some high-resolution photos of your business, the drone is perfect for this too.

Drones are the future and are here to stay

The law is getting tighter on how they are flown and managed. Most drone pilots are accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority, fully insured and completely legal to carry out this type of work. Aerial filming and photography are featuring more in all aspects of corporate video, so why not keep up with the latest trends and give your next video production project some cinematic wow?

Drones can be another way to add depth and more angles to your digital content, it’s worth considering the potential of drone video for your next video campaign.