New drone legislation to improve aviation safety

Drone use has been considered as a changing new invention and an important investment. Despite the fact that many drones are equipped with sensors that avoid collisions, regulation of their safety standards has been considered quite essential.

They have had a major impact on the online marketing business, for example, St Helens web design. They are able to relay information remotely and businesses are finding it a better option in capturing footage. They have been used by companies for business, for example, dropping advertisement materials, flying outdoor banners. Individuals have also used them for recreation for example weddings and social events.

New Drone Law

New legislation has been introduced in the United Kingdom that will prohibit all drones not to fly beyond the stipulated 400 feet or within a one-kilometre radius from the boundaries of an airport. This has come up due to an increase in drone incidents with aircraft. 93 such incidences were reported in the year 2017.

This law has been developed so that there can be a reduction of the probability of damage to jet and aeroplane windows and engines.

Additional laws will be enacted by end of November 2019 and this will have an effect on online companies like St Helens Web Design that market the use of drones. These will require drone owners whose drones weigh 0.25kg and above to register with the CAA and to fully comply with digital safety tests for the pilots.

Drone Survey

In a recently released research which was shared by the CAA, three-quarter of United Kingdom citizens interviewed, felt there was a need to come up with new regulation on drone usage and drone users was too in agreement. Also in agreement was internet-based platforms like St Helens Web Design.

Majority of those who participated in the survey felt that thought that it is important for drone pilots to adhere to the laid down policies as stipulated by the CAA for safe and responsible use of a drone. Most citizens and drone users welcomed the move.

Mr Johnathan Nicholson of the CAA said the drones mainly for fun activities due to social media awareness like created by the St Helens Web Design, were increasing by their numbers in the UK and it was a good sign to see awareness of the drone code has increased too. This is a clear signal that drone users’ had increasingly taken their responsibility very seriously and the society is appreciative of that.

Use of drones will continue to increase in the near future as a fun tool but also for business especially the agro-based industries, blue light companies and online companies like St Helens Web design who rely on social media giants for business.

The research also came up with a finding that mobile phone applications that give information on the airspace and safety alerts have increased and are in favour of drone users and view them as very important in regulating the industry


A law regulating the safety standards in the use of drones will go along in ensuring the aviation industry is free from threats that may arise due to their use. The security of the air industry is a key area that the Government is mostly concerned about.

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