How is the Drone Market Developing?

To put simply a drone is an aircraft without a human on board controlling it. This is where it gets the name UAV from which stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Drones are typically controlled by a pilot through a remote control which can control yaw, pitch and roll of the UAV. Drones were originally designed for military operations as the demand was high for safe and cheaper alternatives. As well as using them for military purposes, drones are also being used for commercial and consumer reasons. These days’ drones come in many shapes and sizes and there are a vast amount of drone retailers which sell these drones for consumer and commercial purposes.

Drone Market Size

The drone market is growing steadily between the consumer, commercial and military sectors. The commercial side of the drone industry will show the fastest growth and is projected to reach $13 billion between the years 2016 to 2020. In 2010, only 5 people/companies had obtained a PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). This is a very low number considering the opportunities it can create. This number has dramatically increased to nearly 5000 people/companies having the permission to film commercially. This number is only going to increase.

What can drones offer to the commercial industry

There is a big reason to why the drone market is rapidly increasing and that’s because of the capabilities to what it can offer. Drones in the commercial industry can be used to create commercial videos, 3D Mapping, Surveying & Inspection, Photography and many other smaller scaled projects. Nowadays drones are also being used for search and rescue in which DJI has released a drone for the emergency services which is equipped which spotlights and microphones.

Amazon Air

Online retail giants Amazon have been openly publicising plans for deliveries to be made by drones. This idea has been put forward to reduce delivery time and for delivery to be under 30 minutes. These drones will be programmed through GPS and can fly up to heights of 400 feet which is the legal limit at a speed of 50mph. This would be unbelievable.


DJI is the leading retailer for commercial and consumer drone sales. They really have taken the drone industry with both hands to create drones that have a real use to the commercial market. Here at Blue Whale Media, we have invested in the DJI Inspire 2 drone which is truly amazing with the technology it possesses. This drone is perfect for us as it is made for high end and quality video production.

The Future

Due to current trends and figures, the drone market is only increasing in size. As already mentioned the commercial industry of drone is set to reach $13 billion between years of 2016-2020. Also, the ability of drones is increasing meaning they have the ability to carry out processes quicker and safer than a human can do. There are also many other factors to the reason why the drone market is only going to increase in size.

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