Using drone video in small business marketing

The use of video as part of small business marketing strategy continues to grow by leaps and bounds. An astounding 54% of customers want to see more video content from businesses and small businesses are working hard to meet growing demand.

The latest trend to help with viewer engagement is drone and aerial footage. This is a powerful tool that business can use to help increase viewer engagement as well as add elegance and bring fresh perspective to video content. Here is what you need to know about aerial footage and what it can do for you

Drone Technology

The days of needing to book time in a helicopter to get good aerial footage are long gone as they are very expensive to operate. Drone technology offers videographers high quality and sophisticated platforms to capture aerial footage and drone videos that are engaging for your audience. The technology is amazing, and the footage drones capture can be stunning.

Drones used in commercial videography for small business marketing usually:

  • Have four or more rotors that provide lift
  • Weigh less than 55 pounds.
  • Are flown by one Pilot who also operates the video camera
  • Have a camera that can record High Definition video
  • Transmits an aerial view in real time to the Pilot while flying

Any business can use drone aerial footage to help reach their audience and the possibilities are almost endless.

Some businesses particularly benefit from the unmanned aerial technology, including:

  • Real estate agents
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Sporting venues such as golf courses
  • Weddings and family events
  • Residential and industrial contractors

In fact, real estate is the second largest industry using drones. Beautifully filmed aerial shots of a property adds that extra movement and punch that helps keep viewers engaged.

Certification Required for Commercial Drone Flying

Operating a drone for commercial use requires certification by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). That includes if you’re filming aerial footage yourself and using it in your marketing. Drone technology is very safe, however things can go wrong easily as drones can weigh up to 55 pounds according to FAA regulations. Should something go wrong, an object of that size can cause serious property damage, personal injury, or even death, which in some cases, the liability issues can be significant.

Be sure the videographer or drone pilot you hire has this FAA certification especially when filming your own aerial footage for commercial use.

Keep Your Video Marketing Fresh

Viewers click away from more than 80% of videos in less than 20 seconds, no matter how long the video is. Technology keeps moving at a rapid pace and customers and clients expect businesses to keep up with the changes in technology. That includes changes in content they consume so to keep them engaged you need to keep your videos fresh. Aerial footage using drones can help you do that, when it’s used in the right way, drone videography adds that extra sparkle that viewers love.

Video marketing is the future of online marketing. If you want to put your business and brand ahead of your competition then you and your team need to dive deep into aerial video and drone footage.