Popular tips and tricks to make you Drone Footage Warrington stand out from the competition

Do you often find yourself in a creative rut when it comes to footage and videos, particularly drone footage? It is common for advertisers and businesses to follow the same procedure each time they capture new footage and find that it is lacking in creativity and uniqueness.

Our Drone Footage Warrington team have worked tirelessly to develop a better understanding of drone footage and what it takes to create bespoke footage that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. We have compiled a comprehensive list of quick and easy techniques that allow your drone footage to stand out from the crowd.

Use Drone Footage Warrington from a combination of angles via the axis of your drone

Simply moving forwards and backwards is a disservice to the extensive suite of capabilities that your drone has. This kind of footage is great for a few seconds, but in a advertising video that is a few minutes long, it is essential that you capitalise on your drones capabilities to stand out from the crowd. Our Drone Footage Warrington team advise that companies combine a multitude of angles and axis positions will provide a unique perspective and set your video apart from the rest.

Orbit your subject with Drone Footage Warrington

Your drone has an extensive range of different modes and settings. As we have previously mentioned, sime flying back and forth does not make for cinematic and stand out footage. Our Drone Footage Warrington team utilise every possible setting to their advantage, including the orbit. Setting your drone to fly in a contingent circle around the chosen subject adds drama and scale to what you are filming.

Fly at a low altitude to create stunning Drone Footage Warrington

Swooping past a subject or point of interest at a high speed captures the most exciting and dramatic footage. Use your Drone Footage Warrington to create an immersive experience and grand feeling to your product. However, low altitude can create health and safety concerns, so always check and update your flight details accordingly

Avoid sudden jerky movements when capturing your Drone Footage Warrington

As with all drone footage, it is vital that you avoid sudden and jerky movements when filming with your drone. A badly timed change in direction or altitude can create footage that is less than ideal and cause difficulty in the editing room. Jerky camera movements also take the audience out of the experience and cause a disconnect that you will seldom reinstate.

Our Drone Footage Warrington team advise that drone pilots take a few moments before each shot to get a feel for their drone, the weather conditions and their environments before the commit to action.


Drone Footage is difficult to master and can be potentially detrimental if done incorrectly. Our Drone Footage Warrington team can provide you with a comprehensive and professional service that guarantees exceptional footage that showcases your service or product to the world.