Drone videography for your business event

Drone videography has become the hottest trend in event marketing since the inception of social media.

Drones are the best way to stand or fly above the crowd and generate buzz. Utilizing drone footage before, during and after an event can take your marketing efforts to the next level.

So what can you do with drone videography to enhance your event marketing experience?

How to use drone videography for event marketing

  • Fly your drone up into the air to get a bird’s eye view of everything going on during the event, which will enable you to capture attention-grabbing views that your audience will adore.
  • Live stream the event as it’s going on, as some drones have live streaming capabilities. This means you can film the event from a number of angles, so your followers at home can watch even if they couldn’t make it to the event. Live streaming also works great to show on monitors to give attendees a fuller and broader experience of your event.
  • Show the behind the scenes as you’re getting ready for the event, using aerial photos of a stage being set up is a great way to generate excitement before the event.
  • Take aerial photos or close up shots you can use in marketing materials for the next event, as professional photography elevates the perceived quality of an event.
  • Put the drone in your show, flying drones around as part of the entertainment means you can use them to help event attendees see other parts of the stage or venue for a uniquely immersive experience.

Aerial shots

Before the use of commercial drones, the only way to produce an aerial shot was to rent a helicopter. This means you’d have to log your flight plans and get permits within the area you want to film. Not to mention using up too much time and resources—while potentially disrupting the integrity of the event. Drones make aerial shots a lot simpler, a lot higher quality, and cost a lot less.

Motion shots

Drone videography is especially popular for events, like festivals and sporting events. You can get a drone close to the action without getting in the way. The closer a drone or photographer gets the better quality photographs and videos you can capture.

Location spotting

Looking for the perfect place to host an event? Flying your drone over an area can give you a better sense of what it looks like and what shots you can film. You’ll get an aerial view of the space and even capture hard-to-see areas for better mapping and planning. You can use those drone shots to organize the event with an in-depth look at where everything is in space.

It can help you stand out

Many industries and marketing professionals have already mastered using video as a marketing tool, but we’ve seen every version of it. Not everyone has ventured into drone video. This will help your drone video stand out on the internet and social feed.

The best part is, you can tell the same story with regular video, the only difference is it won’t be as impactful as using a drone because you can capture shots that are not otherwise possible.

If you want to attract people to your website and want them to stick around you’ll have to offer them something of value. A video or drone video is the most effective way to do this.

Unfortunately it’s no longer enough to simply produce content, your video content must be compelling and authentic or you risk getting lost in the noise.