Drones and Digital Marketing

Drones are a rapidly growing technology which is expected to impact on digital advertising. Drones or camera outfitted unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become the creative gadgets that marketers are turning into.

For businesses such as commercial real estate growth, food manufacturing, the Arts, weather monitoring and conservation, it’s potential to significantly alter how we market and promote services and products in the future. Liverpool Web Design highlights ten facts about devices and electronic marketing.

How drones are altering delivery

Drones are changing the way we could capture memorable occasions like procuring unique vantage points such as weddings, filming athletic events in the air as well as encouraging journalists to report information in smart, quick TV packs.

Electronic services

Liverpool Web Design notes that drones can be used for innovative photography, Aerial surveying for the internet, capturing competitive intelligence about onsite and infrastructure facilities, or micro video solutions to convey personal greeting or new messages.

Financial advantages

Liverpool Web Design understands that investment on a drone can save you money, as you no longer need to lease a helicopter; drones can go lower and slower to create airborne videography and photography easily available on a strict budget.

Future capacities

Drones can perform advanced structural assessments, thermal imaging, and 3D modelling. They also have the flexibility to be used for both outdoor and indoor footages.

Good value attributes

Drones have improved video quality, reduced cost tags, increased flight times, fresh UAA is quicker, safer and which makes them cheaper and commercially viable as featured by Liverpool Web Design.

Drone amounts

In 2015, planet sales reach 4.3 million, worth roughly $1.7 Billion, annual earnings of drones are tipped to achieve 120,000 from the US by 2020 and to use them for solutions such as low elevation banner ads can make it a viable, visible return on investment.


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the United Kingdom have rigorous Limits, airspace principles have to be assessed and abided by especially for hotel or resort advertisements showcasing luxury tourism land or golf courses.

Social Media integration

Facebook has committed a new department Known as the Connectivity Lab, focusing their efforts towards creating aerial technology and widens its reach.

Optimise digital stations

Liverpool Web Design noted that you could build a YouTube channel to advertise your video footage and aerial vision. Currently, drones are popular with Youtubers especially for sharing daredevil videos.

Make money

By using YouTube, you can promote your products and push Traffic to an online shop or site and market in-video advertisements and product positioning through registering in the YouTube marketing partner programme.

So you are planning to invest in a drone to earn money, contemplate on how you may add value in a faster and smarter way as that will make it an economic game changer for the industry. It is very important that you do check security problems for promotion briefs which may lead to harm and be mindful of similar regulatory issues concerning limited airspace. By contacting Liverpool Web Design you can learn more about the same.

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